Luxe Throw

Luxe Throw

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Probably due to the fact that we lived in cardboard boxes for a year and a half, extra coziness is a must-have these days.  It is Christmas Eve and I have checked every box.  This Luxe throw was on the list.  So perhaps you might have someone super fancy in your life or perhaps you are the super fancy person, to me this throw screams FANCY PANTS!  

I have been cracking up for the last few nights that we have had this luxe throw on our laps when we drift off to sleep.  We can't help but pet it everytime we go in and out of the room.  I had to peel my little Alex off the bed because he camped there all swaddled up.  
Speaking of "fancy", I've chatted with a friend about just that.  We have been furiously making homemade gifts together not because we are super quick when we are together but because it is super fun.  We have done this same thing two years in a row, this being the third if I remember correctly??  We sometimes aren't fancy.  We have humble aspirations to be such.  We have our stipulations that include frequently wearing yoga pants and not getting full of ourselves and taking the occasional bad photo.  But, for our different reasons we have hunkered down and not made fancy a priority.  However, we are consciously getting a little bit of our fancy back.  
Well, enough of fancy talk... I made a pillow to match.  I was definitely challenged when sewing with this fur/minky combination.  I had to think through all the steps and plan out just how I wanted it all to work.  So I will share all my steps because who knows you might want to make your own little throw and throw pillow.

Fur and Minky is a fantastic combination might I just say.  There are challenges and if you just account for those it can be a simple project.

TIP 1: Start with Quality Materials, I used Shannon Fabrics Snow Leopard Fur (you can find Shannon's Furs here) with Cappuccino Minky.  If you are going to make a Luxe Throw it just simply has to be soft.  You know you are going to want to feel the fur and it just isn't worth it to buy a lesser quality fur that isn't soft.  The Minky was a must for complimenting the Fur.  It was fantastic for a couple reasons and I will touch on that later on.

90" x WOF Shannon Fabrics Snow Leopard Fur (throw)
3 Yards WIDE Shannon Fabrics Cuddle Minky Cappuccino (throw)
24" x WOF Shannon Fabrics Snow Leopard Fur (throw pillow)

TIP 2: The very first thing I did was consider the bulkiness of the Fur.  How am I going to get a nice flat laying throw when the fur is bulky and the minky is slippery?  Well, baste it first.  Baste it before you cut it!!  I used my Longarm to baste all the sides of the throw.  Simply place fabrics wrong sides together and stitch a loose stitch around the perimeter of Snow Leopard.  Alternatively, you could pin and then baste with a domestic sewing machine or... you could find your favorite longarmer too.
TIP 3: Okay, you have basted your throw.  Next step is to trim excess Minky away.  Trim Minky leaving 1 1/2" - 2" (depending on how tight you want your edge) from the edge of the Snow Leopard around the entire quilt.

TIP 4: You should have the fur in the center and all the way around 2" of Minky extending past the fur.  Fold the Minky once in towards edge of fur and then once again over the top of the fur and stitch 1/8" on inner folded edge of minky on top of fur (this way you encase the raw edge of the Minky and the raw edge of the fur.  When reaching a corner simply turn and continue to fold from new side.  Finish by pulling out the basting stitch (you can faintly see the basting stitch in picture above, simply spritz water and fabric will displace the stitch line).  The Minky finishes the throw just perfectly.  It gives this thick edge and appears as if an extra fabric was added for binding.  This is why Minky is the perfect match for the fur!!  It is stretchy to be forgiving on corners.
For the Pillow see this tutorial to help with finishing the pillow.  This pillow makes the BEST partner for the throw.  It looks just perfect with your favorite quilt and shams.  Adjust for the 24" x 24" size see below.

24" x 24" Pillow front
(2) 24" x 20ish Pillow backs
(2) 24" x 1 1/2" Pillow binding
And that is that!!  I've added this throw to the beautiful Christmas Challenge Log Cabin I finished a few years ago and I have FANCY bedding now!!  So fancy.  Love it!

I can't decide what pants to put on today smart or fancy.

Beauty isn't about having a pretty face.  It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly, a beautiful soul. 

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  1. Hi Michelle, What a luxurious and beautiful project! I think you need your smart AND fancy pants on now. LOL.
    Many Hugs,