Contact (About Me)

Always evolving our little family has been journeying the world.  I have shared those trips here!  I hoped they help another little family navigate a destination a little easier.  I scoured travel blogs to find all the advice I could get and when traveled and returned home felt I could offer something that I couldn't find.  Shoot me a question or comment and I will do my best to help anyway I can.

We are developing a Gathering Place, The Pear Place in our little town of Tooele.  We are so excited to see it touch people's lives with all that it will offer.  Life is full of Beauty and it has been a treat to preserve a little piece ourselves.

I love fabric.  I love quilting.  I love design.  My shop came to pass when I decided to start sharing my own designs with others.  From there, this shop has expanded to include not only patterns I have created, but fabrics I love, and homemade items for you to enjoy. I hope that you enjoy my fabric/patterns/quilts.  I sure enjoyed picking them out and making them :)  Please don't hesitate to shoot me a question or comment.  Thank you so so much!!!

Wholesale Orders
I am able to fulfill wholesale orders with proof of re-sale tax certificate.  Please contact through e-mail at

Thank you so much!