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Packing Love

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Packing Love

I have been sewing and pattern writing for so long.  Sometimes it feels like a million years.  I have mastered a lot of things thanks to pattern writing.  I appreciate all that experience and it sure is fun to look back.  I am really proud of this latest one (Packing Love - available in Mixi Heart Etsy Shop).  I really love the tote shape and style and I love the illustrations inside the pattern.  I hope that it is fun for people to sew their own!  That was my intent when I was writing it up.  So enough about that...

Packing Love... What does that mean to me?  I think this reflects where I am right now in this period of life.  I feel like I am living my truth and to be honest it is quite vulnerable.  It feels vulnerable.  I know what I "LOVE" and I am trying to pack that into this life that feels packed to death already, lol. Man, I am really enjoying my kiddos right now more than the whole journey to date.  I really love talking with them and I love sharing that I am super excited about something and then at the same time scared.  To have them comprehend emotions Is AWESOME!  It makes it easier on me because I am probably pretty in tune with my emotions and I hope that being an example to them on how to be conscious of how you feel is important.  I also love experiencing their raw emotions and being there to listen.  I feel mine quite deep so it is hard to "hide" them all the time.  Hiding is no fun!  Being yourself is the best!

Back to the TOTE - I really love sewing and I love having things sorted efficiently when I am retreating.  This is when this bag will come in handy.  I recently broke down and bought a new pack of these storage boxes.  They are perfect for my projects and typically when I attend a quilting retreat I take a few projects to change up what I might be working on day to day.  It makes it nice to transport them safely and have a spot designated just for each one.  The pack I bought comes with five boxes, guess what?  You might have guessed it... this tote will hold five = perfection!  I think that about five projects is just perfect to bring to a retreat for a week.  I don't always get to all five but I have options so if I am not feeling one I will just put it to the side and start on the one I want.  

I really have no idea how I managed to make a new tote pattern?  Well, yes I do!  It is because it is so dang cute!  I could imagine the components in my head and I just had to see how it would look other than in my imagination.  I am quite pleased and mostly because it really is a pretty easy sew.  
 The instructions were pretty effortless to write.  I included illustrations that really made it easy to explain marking and pocket placements.  It is an Intermediate Pattern made EASY.
 CONFESSION TIME - I have about three or four ongoing projects right now.  Lately, I really want to add one more easy one.  The ongoing projects I have are a little difficult or they aren't in the right season.  I hate to sew dark fabrics in Spring/Summer time.  There two that I know I just want to store until I am really to dive back into it.  The two are Christmas projects I started this last November and didn't get very far on.  As you can see for me these storage boxes are going to help me sort things until I am ready to tackle.  I have just two and then I have things stashed/stacked in bags.  I really need to cut these empty ones open and start putting them to use.
DEEP THOUGHTS - I think that I am a bag connoisseur.  I have sewn up probably 20ish different bag/tote/storage patterns.  Some of them have been my own and others are fantastic designers!!  I mean really great!  There is nothing like a top notch bag pattern.  I was lucky because for this tote it has a fun mixture of elements that are pretty easy to execute but at the same time enhance the design.  ENTER: Drawstring top!  I have been inspired by these little drawstring pouch bags lately and thought it would be such a cute finish for a large tote.  Guess what!  It totally was and it is an easy thing to add.  So easy!  In the details, I had a little bit of twill tape that I have had in my collection.  It has the cutest Panda stamped on it.  It reminds me of our recent trip to Asia so just a little small touch that is darling (you might be able to pick it out in some of the pics).  
 ITS THE LITTLE THINGS THAT COUNT - Speaking of little special elements, I especially love enamel pins added to projects.  I recently made a CATCH ALL CADDY by BYANNIE, I adorned it with enamel pins as well and they are just so darn cute!  I highly recommend absolutely any pattern written BYANNIE if you love to make bags.  She is amazing!!!!

 So the draw string is so cute and will be just darling draped when you are getting in and out of your tote.  Also the embellishments really are darling when added.  I could just stare at these pictures all day.  Make sure to add your own little special touch on your tote!  If you are able to share on social media use the tag #PackingLoveSewn because I would LOVE to see them!!  I think that is a nice part of social media is to get to enjoy each other's talents and which fabrics we all love.  It makes it so special.
FOAM!!!! - The tote's basic construction is using a quilted piece of foam.  This is by far my most favorite way to make any sort of bag/tote.  I really love how it gives the bag great shape.  I also love how it quilts up. When I pick a quilting pattern for these sorts of projects they just turn out so lovely.  I love seeing the quilting dimension and it alone is gorgeous so then to insert it into a project it is so awesome!  It brings the quilting to life.

When using quilted panels in an effort to show off the quilting on the inside the construction of the bag uses binding strips to encase what would be raw edges of the quilted panels.  I have worked with quite a few projects that finished in a similar way.  Even my first pattern the TRENDY DOLL DIAPER BAG uses binding to finish off elements of the bag and it is a really sharp way that makes a professional finish.
 STRAPS CARRYING THE LOAD - The straps are the perfect length to wrap up on your shoulder.  The bag just sits on the hip.  I prefer a wider strap because they keep their shape better with use.  It wraps around the bottom of the bag so that it is supporting the full weight of what is inside.  It will protect the integrity of the fabrics (trust me I have torn a handle a time or two and it is a sad moment).
So here I am just living life and enjoying the good and making the best of any bad.  I have so many fun projects that when stacked up are a little overwhelming!  But individually they are exciting.  I like to think of it like that.  Isn't it a fun way :)
 So before you know it each of these little boxes will have a darling project waiting to be sewn when the time is right!  And if that means heading over to a friend's house to do just that then out comes the bag and in goes the ruler.

HOPES - What is meant to be will always find a way.  I have hopes that I have filed away.  They aren't a bucket list... they are more like potential maybes.  I like the idea of being open to where life leads me.  But I still have them just filed up there in case the opportunity presents itself.  THE PEAR PLACE right there is a hope come true.  It is a little magic.  I will always believe in a little magic and be grateful when I get the chance to just enjoy.  I am going to remember this bag because it was a little magic itself.  I am tickled that I was able to sneak it onto the schedule when I probably could have been doing a million other things but I just wanted to create.  Creating is and expression of LOVE for me.  I hope you feel the Love that I put into this bag and Feel a little of the magic.  It was totally worth it!
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