Saturday, February 21, 2015

Quilter's Haven's BOM 2015

Hi Ladies from class.  I have set up a new tab up above titled BOM 2015 for you to access the printables (this tab is located right under the blog description and far right).  You can access it also by clicking this link: BOM 2015.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


My birthday is this month.  Every once in awhile a splurge is in order in relation to a birthday in our house.  It's not something that is planned out because we are at the point now that we don't really care about getting "things".  I'm not really that materialistic.  I guess for me if you have all your necessities that everything additional has to serve a purpose.  I don't even know how this progression has come about?  Well actually I could come up with a few explanations but long story short this is where I am right now.  Things that I might want will serve a purpose and it is a matter of whether it is time to invest in that direction.  Lucky me, this year was mine.  I have wanted a serger for a long time.  I planned to buy one after our Peach Days booth, BUT it wasn't exactly successful.  I know right.  At least I tried.  Thank goodness that little catch phrase exists to help one feel better, lol.  Anyway, I felt like in the many months (about 6?) since our Peach Days booth it was time to just break down and get one.  I've tried to work a little extra lately to justify it as well.  So I bought the addition while up at the our Logan Sewing Retreat I got to go on this last week (thanks to a sweet lady sharing a FEB birthday that planned this awesome retreat).

I decided on a Baby Lock Evolution.  This was the serger I have had my eye on for the last two years.  I was so pleased with the price.  I was able to get a display machine and My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe were fantastic to work with.  They were so nice, which makes me happy when investing my money in a machine.  I would highly recommend them!!  Like a million times over.  

I got back home and the next day started catching up around the housework/workwork and got Elle (that's her name) out and set up in my sewing room.  Weston came in and wanted to see her in action when I fast realized that I didn't even have any serger thread.  Whoops.  So I guess she'll have to wait.  I picked a name because the sweet Barb that gave me a crash course suggested it.  I was explaining the model of the sewing machine I have which is a Laura Ashley.  She thought I would need to give the serger a romanticized name too.  I thought about it when I got home and decided sure why not.  I was pretty excited anyway.  I read this awesome book recently that took me through a little journey learning about Elephants.  I loved the book so much!  I have thought about the book a lot lately.  So the name is Elle short for Elephants.  

You know I am a pretty fragile person.  I learn about myself all the time and of course we all do.  Weston is so sweet and he knows me so well.  We talk a lot about our feelings, life, and pretty much everything.  He suggested that I might need to protect myself a little better.  I think he is right.  Life seems like a challenge to maintain balance and growth.  I feel so good right now and strong and it is all adding up.  Having said that there are still many facets of me that aren't explained in that last statement.  I feel so lucky that I can be creative in my job.  Being creative is a great outlet for perhaps being fragile.  It is funny how buying a serger might be a healing tool for me.  It is a chance to realize how important I am and just gaining that extra strength to protect myself with a little time concentrating to do the trick.  

"A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish"

"Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to Try"

"When things aren't Adding up in your Life, start Subtracting"

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mixi Heart with Michelle Jensen

Ahhhh!!!  I love this clip!!  I got a chance to introduce my Skinny series and a little peak at Heart Snips at Quilt Market and for whatever reason I decided to look for it today because it creeped into my mind and low and behold it was here!!  I am so excited and Brewer did a fabulous job videoing it.  I felt so lucky to be apart of their production.  Sometimes it seems like I am making all of these things for myself and that no one will ever show any interest.  So actually to see them in focus and to see myself sharing my passion about quilting kinda of makes in all worth it!  It really does.

It is crazy how at times it just takes a bit of encouragement to keep trekking on.  It for sure has lit a light for me.  I have a few more in this series to start.  They are sketched out and waiting for fabric choices and piecing and so the whole process begins.

I also want to tell Katie - Thank you for being there with me in such a overwhelming situation.  I sure love her!  Because of course you might notice some unclear thoughts and some slip-ups.  It did turn out decent and a lot of that was due to having her right by my side :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Fighting Forward 2015

2015 point of direction for me is Fighting Forward.  I was thinking about where to start??  I finally decided on a point of direction for the new year.  The new year is fast becoming my favorite time of year because it means that I get to make shifts of change.  Which is turning into excitement because... 

Last year I made a short list of things that I wanted to accomplish.  The astonishing thing for me is that I have met everything on the list.  It is a real jaw opening moment because mind you I forget some of them.  I remember the major one and stay true to that and then all the others still manage to get checked off and this has repeated itself year after year since I first began making a list.  I had certain expectations and it is funny how they evolve into how they are meant to be.  For this year rather than goals I am really setting out points that are laying out a path.  So here goes.

Point One : Don't look Back There is so much past that defines us and shapes us and changes us.  I feel really balanced where I am in my life right now, starting this year.  I've spent these two weeks just trusting that I've met my goals from last year.  They were wonderful goals and I found myself thinking "okay maybe I should just keep all of the same ones I had last year because they led me to such a great place", then soon I get scared that I might make a mistake and have taken two steps forward and then will have to take one step back.  So it was pretty easy to come up with this first and most important point.  Because I have met those goals and they will always be with me to add to my future and so I don't have to look back.  I get to take them with me.  

Point Two : Fighting Fighting can be thought as a negative term.  I personally hate the typical way that I think of "fighting" because it defines the situation which usually involves really heavy feelings, desperation for understanding, divided ideals.  But I would rather think of it in a positive way representing strength, determination, power So I wanted to include this as my second important point.  I want to fight forward.  I don't want to be pulled back.  I am not fighting against anyone.  I am fighting for myself, not passively waiting.  I am getting stronger.  I fighting to my best.  

Point Three : Spirit I want to share my spirit and keep it true.  

Point Four : Openness I am open to what is best for my life.  Sometimes I have ideas/wishes and I don't realize that I am very thankful for the ideas/wishes that I don't make and receive. 

Lastly, I want to keep a theory of Love: "that love is given and received and precious and not demanded, disrespected, or faked".  I am so excited for this 2015 year.     

Well honestly who knows?  I am on a kick of finishing everything I haven't finished.  That will keep me busy for a few weeks.  Then I just have all this momentum so I just can even imagine what will produce itself.  The sky is the limit.  I'm just trying to take all of the beauty in.  Look at this beautiful life.  I am so grateful.  Thank you for everything I have learned.  Thank you for all the challenges.  Thank you for all the blessings.  

Speaking of little happinesses, these pics are from a vacation our family got to take the first part of this year.  Wow the water is so pretty.  We had a wonderful time and it was such a gift for me to spend that time with Weston and the kids.  We took that time and it was the best present ever for our family!!  This picture below is incredible.  How could anything be more beautiful??

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Getting Serious 2014

Serious Business:

I am happy to see another year come to an end.  There were a lot of changes that all involved getting serious.  I can see so much improvement from last year through piecing/quilting/graphic ability for my personal sewing and professional pattern sewing.  I was striving to be better and better on all fronts.

I want to share lots and lots of sewing projects I was able to finish (when going through all the pics I realized there are two that are finished that I haven't got pictures so I included them half finished in the pics ;).

So to start I have pictured all the Large Projects.  I mentioned a bit back that most of my quilts this year were BIG.  Not only were they big, the quilts were very involved piecing and appliqué and embroidery.  It is fun to see them all together and the variety!  So much variety!  Also, you might notice that I made a couple projects two or sometimes three times.  There is a reason for that, I got the opportunity to work with the wonderful company Hoffman.  I made the original projects, then I needed to make the projects over again in their new lines.  A project being made the second time goes really quickly but it is funny to see how similar they turn out even if they are made in slightly different fabrics.  My FAVORITE quilt that I completed this year is by far the Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt which was the BOM I taught in our quilting guild (so it wins!).  The second is my log cabin Christmas Challenge for quilting guild.  They are both pictured below in the center.  

Serious Business Part 2: 

Well my pattern business took a huge leap over the course of this year.  I was able to develop a pattern series "Skinny" and I love how they all turned out.  I am excited to see where the series will go over 2015.  I was able to work with Riley Blake's new lines in most of this series as well as adding a bit of Hoffman too.  Also another series developed when I teamed up with Hoffman to make four different ready-to-sew kits, these are a few quilts that are pictured above as well as below with the rose paper-pieced minis and the fresh berries.  

Katie and I tried out Peach Days.  It was a fun experience.  I was super pleased with selling my patterns directly to the customer.  I don't get that opportunity at all face to face.  It was fun (the booth at peach days is pictured on top center).    

I exhibited for the second time at the Fall Houston Quilt Market.  Speaking of FUN... the booth's theme was Load's of Fun.  I was thrilled with how all the decorations turned out.  I made the decision to wait to exhibit the next time when Quilt Market comes to Salt Lake in Spring of 2016.  Arriving at that decision is a bit of a relief knowing that I can focus on other aspects of Mixi Heart in place of the time it takes preparing to exhibit.  The Quilt Market booth is pictured bottom center.  

Fun Business: 

It was quite the undertaking making five new Skinny's for the new pattern series.  But I did manage to get a little bit of fun sewing in there.  I always love making a new bag and I did using my ReUsee sack pattern (pink polka dot bag below).  I also made a fun lightweight bag which will be a pattern released this Spring 2015.  I made it twice, it is shown in the orange and deep dark prints.  I also made two fun wearables, an apron and the Mixi Mini.  Best of all I made a fun small project tutorial with the pie placemats.  I really love a small project.  Especially when you have all the big complicated projects.  It is SO REFRESHING making something small and quick.  

Messy Business: 

So I made a few projects that were all over the place... custom orders, baby gifts, easter birthday gift, two table runners, two bags for us girls to take on our trip that is right around the corner, five holiday decor quilts.  AND I also included two pictures from the book that is almost... all ready to reveal (us two girls are happy squeezing the Mixi Heart Pillow).  Would you know that there is a WHOLE bunch of projects that I made for the book all this last year aren't pictured among all of these.  So that is Getting Really Serious.  

I have thee skeleton quilts in the closet that are... not finished.  But I say not too bad for this year!  It was a blast getting serious.  For this next year I need to get serious and come up with a Plan for 2015.   

Farewell 2014!!