Saturday, November 8, 2014

Piece of Pie Placemat

Hello Everyone!!  I am alive and quilting :) 

We are nearing the end of our Sew Need a Break meetings this year and I wanted to make a fun project to say that I am thankful to all of the wonderful girls that are apart of our group and a chance to teach quilting to them.  This is the PERECT size project to practice quilting or for some to try out quilting for the first time.  Also, I hope that it is a project people can not only make for themselves but for gifts as well.  It is after all to me a time for giving Thanks.  So I want to share this pattern with anyone else that would like to do the same to say thank you.!.  I have prepared it in pattern form and it is available at the links below to download for personal use.

The files for this tutorial can be found here (coversheet) and here (pattern).  

I had such a blast coming up with the concept and I could hardly contain myself to wait to see the finish result.  It took a couple of days though because it was amidst all these other things I had to get finish in a time sensitive way.  But I did manage to get two finished!! Finally!! and the pattern written as well.  

So to show you how easy this is : I have a step-by-step shown below.  First simply appliqué pie, then add a little bit of embroidery, quilt, and bind.  Piece of Pie.

And just so you know that in my case this is meant for a semi-homemade pie.  Okay... I don't even know if this even counts as homemade ;)  But it is just delicious so that is what counts in my book.  I don't "love" pie crust but I do love graham crusts.!.

So since it is so so easy to make these kinds of pies you might need to make two Pie Placements just in case.

I cut kits for our group using a couple different fabric choices.  I am excited to see how they all turn out.





I am so thankful for Weston and my kids!!  and my life!!  It feels like we are headed in an upward climb to something wonderful.  So much to be thankful for.  But I am also thankful for the struggles that I have had along the way.  They have hopefully made me a stronger and more humble and more understanding.  

I hope everyone enjoys these little quilts and please share if you do.  Thank you!

See, Piece of Pie.

"Let our Lives be full of both Thanks and Giving"

"It is not Happy People that are Thankful, it is Thankful People that are Happy"

"Bless the food before us, the People beside us, and the Love between us"

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Quilt Market Fall 2014

We made it to Quilt Market!! I am so relieved because we got all set up and now we just get to enjoy the rest of the trip ;)  Everything made it! It is a laundry room where it is "Loads of Fun". I am so proud of it!! Because it represents so much time planning and working and working ;) But it is all finished. I appreciate the help setting up and carrying my stuff to the booth. I had little life savers :) It really is so nice to have people with me here.

Miss Katie and I are all decked out in our aprons enjoying the booth.

My cousins were able to come too and it sure is fun to have these sweet faces to look at. 

The booth is a laundry room. It was a pretty cute easy theme. The props were nice to pack. Everything worked out perfect.  I love the washer and dryer!!

The quilts are the stars of the show and it feels so good to have the vision all complete. 

So now I am just relaxin in the room and getting ready to head out to dinner in a bit :) yay!! Vacation!! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vintage Holiday

The holidays are coming up so fast.  Being the planner that I am, I like to know what we are doing for each holiday.  The holidays for this time of the year remind me of a train moving with steady motion on a clear track first comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and finally the New Year.  It stops at one right after the other.  I like to have a clear idea of gifts we might share with each other, places we will go in regard to those holidays, people we want to make sure to include in advance.  These are things I just keep in the back of my mind.  This year I am kinda uncertain.  

People that know me well are aware that I have distanced myself from my mom this year because keeping that relationship going was WAY to overwhelming for me at this time.  So there, I will just put it all out there.  If it were simple and things were perfect, then a lot of things would be different. 
Everyone has their own story, I know that.  I try to remember that when things feel too big to handle.  

One thing that I am certain about is that I have my husband and my kids and we trust each other right now and we are doing our best that we can right now.  And that plans are forming for these holidays.  We continue to make memories despite all of the challenges.  And we are growing closer together and stronger together.  So my theme for these holidays, to make things fun, is going to be vintage holiday.  Doing a little bit of research and finding how things were celebrated in the past.  I've had fun learning about the origins of Halloween ;) and understanding others stories.  So much Fun!!

Vintage Holiday: available in my Etsy/pattern shop

There is a really simple feel of this quilt for me.  It does feel a little bit from another time.  The quilt block has a really classy look that the larger quilt features.

This is maybe my first quilt design that features String Art.  This is something I have been working with for awhile.  I have a few projects that I never completed that includes this technique.  I am happy to share it finally with this pattern.  It was so much fun to string and I was able to have it finished in no time at all.  The stamp is the white and gray block on the right.  Out of all of the stamps that I have designed thus far this is my favorite.  I love the connection to gifts with the bows on each side.  I also love that it is on point.

The pom pom trim reminds me of popcorn which is something that was used to trim trees in a Vintage time.

One print that might be considered out of place is the Black and White crossword fabric.  My dad and my grandma loved doing crossword puzzles and I am sure other members of our family as well.  This cute print has Christmas inspired words scratched in like Hot Chocolate, Mittens, etc.  I had to include it.  Plus the firewood print reminds me of how our family uses our fire place during this season and we all adore it.

I need to remind myself to take joy in this life.  It is so special.  And I threw in tons of heart fabrics for my little Mixi Heart.

I use to have three plus trees I would put up scattered through out my house.  Now I put up as many as I have energy for which is usually just one.  But maybe this year my kids will be able to talk me into putting them all up.

The Quilt Block that was featured is a diamond that requires a little bit of trimming to add the center diamond.  Once trimmed you are left with perfect little smaller half square triangles if you take the time to add one more sew line you can create a bonus quilt!.  So from the scraps I made a little tiny table runner and ended up with the tinniest of tinniest waste for it's center diamonds.  Not even enough to sew together.  I felt pretty enterprising.

The larger quilt uses Riley Blake's Lost and Found Love fabric collection.  Wow, so romantically perfect.

I hope you all enjoy the wonderful Holidays that are fast approaching and thank you for letting me share my sweet quilts with you.

"Old is the new New"

"Collect things that you love and authentic to you and your house becomes your story"

"Too much of a Good Thing can be Wonderful"

Monday, October 13, 2014

Winter Wipe

Some might wonder why I share some personal stuff here on the blog with all my quilting stuff.  You know, I have no idea.  I guess I just want to share a piece of myself.  There aren't many that read this blog at all and maybe even most aren't even interested in the quilting??  I'm not sure.  But I think that I pour a lot of my personal life into my patterns and it just makes sense to me to share that part of myself here along with them.  If someone were to purchase them in a store they don't really get this version and that it totally fine because they don't really need that.  So this here place isn't just a place of business, it is a place of personal journey.  Today was one day in that journey for me.  

I am sometimes surprised by little tiny gifts.  These are gifts of no monetary value.  These are gifts that mean so much more.  They whisper sweetly that you are not alone and that you are loved.   

There comes those days where you gave up the day before in a complete crushed sort of way...  Then by what could only be described as a miracle you get gift after gift after gift.  Today was one of those days.  I got a gift of a heartwarming conversation, then a call to a sweet friend, then a visit from a neighbor, then another visit of understanding with a realization of crap I am a very weak person but in a nice kind of way, then a message, then another visit with a smile.  Then a gesture from my kids.  This isn't the first time this has happened.  If there are angels, mine has a specific way that speaks to me.  It is almost humorous.  I believe.  Though at times I forget that I believe and I need reminding.  There is always this skeptical part of me that thinks maybe I am making all of it up.  BUT, It is impossible to ignore all of that.  All in one day.  WOW.  

So at least for right now until I forget again, I know I have someone watching out for me and my family and they want to say hey you guys aren't alone.  It is crazy and  I am speechless and grateful.  It makes me feel so weak because why am I not always strong and know everything is going to be okay.  So that is me.  Wipe away all that mess, because you are totally going to be fine.  One day at a time.  One month at a time.  One season at a time.  One year at a time.  It will all be okay.  

Winter Wipe: available in my pattern shop/Etsy shop

This quilt is kinda special for me.  First I really love this block.  I feel like it was perfect for the Winter quilt because it has a snowflake feel to me.  It is special to me because it uses batiks.  I have partnered up with Hoffman fabrics on a few projects that will be revealed at Quilt Market.  I am new to sewing when compared to most designers out there.  I think?  Well, I haven't had a lot of opportunity to sew with batiks.  It is somewhat of a bright new world for me to try them out.  I feel they are so pretty and it one of the first large quilts I have made with them.  They are so bright and true in color.  I first envisioned this quilt in all reds but the plans evolved to where I eventually decided to make it in blue.  I am so glad I did!  What a stunning quilt for me at least.  I don't know if it is because blue is a calming color to me??  It just is neat.

This Skinny has it's modern touches too.  I think those modern touches worked well with Winter.

I got to try out a new quilting technique for me which is really just swirling circles.  I know it has a specific name that I don't know what.  They turned out pretty decent.  OF COURSE, I always want to improve and I am super critical of even first steps while trying something new.  With that being said, I am pretty content.

The cute twig part of this quilt for me is the twisted branch art.  I have always liked that and maybe one day if I have more storage I will have myself a heart twisted branch door hanging.  Until then... I will settle for one in a quilt.

Lastly, here is my stamp evolved into a snowflake.  And a stained glass window... which I would love to have to.  I appreciate art and making beautiful things.  There is such amazement I have appreciating all of these awesome gifts we get to enjoy in this world.  I mean come on Stained Glass. Yes that is awesome.

This large quilt featuring my Snow Flurry block was quilted with a swirling pantograph.  I love it.

I tried some feathers and it wouldn't say that it was my best feather day.  Because it wasn't :(  But progress is progress.

The quilt is backed with this fabulous Hoffman print.  The birds are so beautiful.  What I love about these fabrics which is something you could only see in person is that they have shiny flakes in it.  It is just like shiny snow.  PERFECTION if you could get that close.

Creativity is a Gift.  It doesn't come through if the air is cluttered.  John Lennon

The intuitive mind is a sacred Gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the Gift.  Albert Einstein

Actually, the best Gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures...  Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Air

It seems like "Change" is in the fall air for me this season.  I have made decisions lately about my life and I guess I am a whole couple months early because I have got all next year planned out.  I like to think of myself as a work in progress at all times.  There are always a lot of things to work on and tweak.  I decided that I am going to take a break from my Quilting Guild Board (not quilting guild just in case you don't know what that means).  I will miss seeing all the members an extra time each month.  It will be a good change for me though.  Also next year is going to include a lot more fun (by the way... what is that fun thing?)  I know I am a little out of practice.  This quilt market trip is the start of that promise to myself to have more fun and seize life again.  I remember that old me that use to do that.  I keep working with all my might to get her back, because I miss her.  

I will be honest that life is wearing me down.  I'm just getting tired.  It is old family members and acquaintances and circumstances and memories.  I am tired of thinking about negative people and giving them any part of me.  I LOVE my LIFE that I have built for myself.  I am so thankful for my children and Weston.  I am thankful for the person that I am.  It is hard being me sometimes.  Ask my best friends.  It feels good to get tears out every once in awhile because it is like getting rid of that bad energy people sluff onto ya.  

It seems like change is inevitable.  Thank goodness.  So I am going to take a breath of this fresh fall air ;)  And it is always good to have a plan.  

Fall Air (available in my pattern shop and Etsy):

All the patterns are getting checked off the list one by one.  As you can see I have established this new "skinny" series which really needed all four seasons to cement it together.  This is the third season Fall.  I actually have another whimsical fall... and summer.  But this is the Modern version of my fall. 

This table runner uses some really bold colors.  Why being boring right?

Also, the 72" x 72" quilt that matches this pattern is pretty much my favorite.  I have a really hard time picking between all of these new ones but this one is so fun right now for this season.  It is definitely speaking to me.

The fabrics that I have used are from Roots and Wings, Quarterfoil, and Penny Rose Shirtings.  I think they make a wonderful combination together.  They used all the fabric colors I picked for this fall skinny so that worked out!

I quilted this WHOLE quilt with my cowboy feather design.  It is pretty awesome.

Here is the True Blue Block.  This represents all the true friends that I have.  I love ya and thank ya for being there for me time and time again.  And to all the ones that came before and we have moved on to different points in our lives.  Thank you for being there for me!!  I love that.

So my favorite part is the stamp.  Don't ya love how it has acorns in it.  It made me so happy when I made it.  Also, I graffiti quilted on each side of the block which was pretty awesome to try.  I really really hope I come across this awesome book that inspired it.  I need that book.

Another element that I love about this quilt is the Delectable Mtn.  I made a quilt with this block in it a long time ago.  It was super fun.  I felt like it fit perfectly here edging the tree.

And pinecones. love.

I can't wait to snuggle this quilt to death once I get back from Market.

"Be thoughtful, Be kind, Be genuine, but most of all Be thankful"

"Life starts all over when it gets crisp in the Fall"

"Turn your face to the Sun and all the shadows Fall behind you"