Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rolling Nine

Here is seconds!  I finished this super super cute quilt.  This pattern is called Rolling Nine (available in my Etsy and in my pattern shop).  It is made out of Riley Blake's new line Girl Crazy that will be coming out in June!.  One reason I enjoy modern quilting is the large size of the quilt blocks.  This quilt is definitely and expression of that.  I guess it is a good time to mention that I have been working so hard at making things at a professional level.  This is a process that takes time.  Don't ask my why it takes so long to figure out hey people like a little bit of dazzle.  I know I do.  Well, I have added quite a bit of dazzle to my cover sheets as well in the content.  I am feeling so happy with the results!  PS - There are two movies at the end of this post.

Not to mention the quilting is definitely improving.  I was inspired by one of my favorite quilters - Jenny Pedigo, you know she is just amazing.  So I knew exactly how I was going to quilt this quilt because this is the second time I have made it.  Last summer I made a queen size that was raffled at my summer shop as a trial quilt with this block design and quilted it a certain way that worked well.  Since then I came across some quilting designs to add a little bit of a change up for the quilting on the block itself.  See further below.

This pattern includes several quilt sizes.  It also includes a pop by replacing background squares with an alternating color drawing the eye to one rolling nine-patch block.  I think these elements are always fun to add because it brings a place for the eye to rest.

This quilt sews up so fast because of the quilt block size.  I plan on making more versions of this quilt over time.  Who knows maybe for my summer shop this year.

So here is a close up of the quilting.  I used my circle rulers and a little inspiration from Jenny like I mentioned.  This fabric was so adorable.  I have made a quilt in the boy version of this fabric in the past and I was so tickled that they came out with the girl version.  I know you can't feel this quilt but it is so so so incredibly soft!  The texture is amazing.  What a perfect baby quilt.

So my projects intended for Quilt Market are getting checked off the list one by one.  This is the second one and then I have two more left.

I always use scraps to piece the back quilt for these projects in order to stay within the line.  I like using each print in the front and then for the back it is fun to make different combinations.  These prints are so adorable.  They are also directional.  So here I was pleased that I remembered to load the quilt the right direction so that the cars/bikes are all facing the same as the front.  Sometimes to avoid all the directional challenges I purposefully make the front of of the quilt multi-directional.  I will place the bikes going North/East/West/South.  That way no matter which way you have the quilt you will have at least one fabric facing the up.

Speaking of Seconds there are Two Movies that go along with this quilt.  Katie, a sweet friend of mine, and myself always have a long list of things to sew/quilt/embroider/not to mention all the other things we dabble in.  So to motivate ourselves we talked about sending quick clips to keep things going.  I know Girls are actually Crazy :) .  I made two for this quilt and you can see that this does actually sew up pretty fast.  Apparently I had to unpick once, which is hilarious because I totally forgot!



SO sometimes it takes two to have fun, sometimes it takes two to get motivated, sometimes you have to make two of the same quilt, sometimes have to have two of your favorite treat or get two of your favorite shoes in two different colors, Two is a good number :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mixi Mini

Okay, first one finished!! is the new Mixi Mini!!  Hopefully you will be keen on this little sweet knit skirt because it was a joy to make.  It was so EASY!  It really really was.  This is my newest pattern (available in my Etsy as well as in my pattern shop tab) and the first one in the stack intended for Quilt Market this next month.  I added a little tulle as an accent for the bottom of the skirt.  Cately has given her A-Okay.  The skirt was made with Riley Blake's knit in a yellow stripe.  

My little Cately is modeling this skirt and she also got one to keep.  She has already worn it too school but I was thinking it would be really sweet for an Easter Egg Hunt…

Here is the side view because I just love how the stripes transform from vertical to horizontal!

The back view with a little bit of a drop hip, lol.

A little bit of tulle detail.

I am thinking that everyone should have some gold ballet flats… I do not at the moment ;)

And it is twirling approved as well!

Of course I had a great time making this skirt and I have a quilt to share as well!  Lots of fun projects I am getting finished here.  Happy but Messy home.   I also have been working on quilting with new pantographs (first time using the baptist fan design) and we went camping which is another first for this year.  I know I haven't mentioned on here that I also ride Dirt Bikes and it has been a long time (depending on your idea of a long time).  The kids got to try theirs out too.  It was just so much fun.  It really really was.

 Then I have finished piecing the Churn Dash on point for my sweet Cately.  I just HAVE have to get one finished for Alex.  Can I do it?  I only have a week?  That means it is going to have to be pretty simple and sometimes simple works right!

So lots of first in this beautiful Spring.  I guess stay tuned for the seconds.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happity Hoppity

Happity Hoppity or should I say crazyity happity hoppity - cause that is what I have been doing lately is just hopping from project to project.  And not exactly finishing the projects.  I think I have WAY TOO MANY things that I am currently working on!!  For Sure.  How does this happen?  What am I doing?  I wish I felt like a cute little bunny like in the pillow below but I actually feel like a wet frog slipping of it's rock from time to time.  ANYWAY, Speaking of cute bunnies, I made one in a pillow form - 

I was inspired by a table runner I came across and thought I would try to make a pillow version for a sweet friend.  *Since posting this I have come across an article where someone has had their works stolen in sorts and republished.  This of course is really sad and I would never want to hurt anyone and take their ideas and make money from it.  I did hesitate to post where I was inspired for this post but ultimately I didn't for a couple of reasons.  I didn't want to take away from their design as I am not selling this pattern if that makes sense.  Also, I didn't purchase their pattern and didn't want to link mine to theirs saying hey you can make this on your own! without buying their pattern?.  Although I don't want to take credit for making the pillow without inspiration.  See there is kinda a dilemma for me personally.  Where it is hard is when I am inspired by what others do but I usually put my own twist on things as I enjoy having originals and I prefer to not work from a pattern.  Which is one of the reasons I do sew for myself.  I guess that is why I am in the pattern design business as well, because I have the ability to create things and write instructions independently.  I don't know if everyone is able to do this but that is just how I work?  But the way that hers was stolen was a direct copy of her block and name and it was just blatant.  It is pretty shocking and definitely wrong.  It is very evident that they had purchased her product and then used her block and passed it off as their own.  Anyway, I am going to sit on this information and decide how I will approach this for the future.  As of now I feel that I would do the same thing as I originally did.  I did state that I was inspired by a table runner and it wasn't my original design so hopefully that is appropriate without the link and these are my reasons for not supplying a link.  If anyone would like to know the original inspiration source, please know I am always available through the commenting source and e-mail.  Thank you so much :)

I bound the pillow as usually to add a little bit of pop to the back.  

Embroidery is so relaxing for me.  I stitched this bunny face and an extra one for myself to make at some point (lol), while watching a movie with my family.  Then I rough drew the flower and stitched on a cute little button.  I was in love.  Sidenote Though, I think that I have more fun making these things than actually keeping it!  Then, I tied a little twine around it and my little one make a card (she loves making cards) and then it was handed off.    Then I hopped on to the next project.  

One of the projects that I am hopping around to is more embroidery in this awesome Paisley Quilt.  I think this definitely gives me my embroidery fix.  A friend of mine is making the same quilt, so that is nice to work on it together.  SO this is my official first block embroidered finish.

If you look close though there are some appliqué pieces that need to be added.  The plan is to wait until I have all the blocks embroidered before adding the appliqué.  So these little puppies will be perfect for SOFTBALL/BASEBALL season.  There is a lot of sitting and watching and stitching that will need to be done.

Next project that I am hopping around to is this stack of quilt blocks below.  I am making this quilt for my sweet little girl.  I hope to have this one finished and another one finished for my little guy before Easter.  I don't know if it will happen because there is only 17 more days!  It probably won't... but soon enough.  I can always move it down the line to Mother's Day, lol.  I guess we could start the tradition of me giving my kids presents on Mother's Day.

It wouldn't be too bad if the things I have pictured here and the couple quilts that I pieced from the Bear Lake Retreat would be all the things that I am hopping around to and haven't finished…... but there are MORE, a lot more.  Plus, I am working on some quilts for Quilt Market next month and I would share pics but I literally haven't started, so I will get to those soon and then share the pics.  So wish me luck as I hop to it :)

Monday, March 17, 2014


I got a chance to go to a retreat in Bear Lake this past week and it sure was a treat!  I was able to go last year as well and I look forward to going again in the future for sure.  I don't know if everyone knows what a sewing retreat entails so I will give you the run down.  On our retreat we chose to go far enough away that we were able to forget we were wives, moms, grandmothers, sisters, friends - we were just quilters :)  That happened to be in Bear Lake for us.  For the drive up we shop hopped to all the awesome stores on the way.  We hit our last one in Logan which was one of my favorites "My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe"!  Here we are in the pic below with those amazing twins Kim and Kris.  

Then after lunch and a lot of shopping we made it up to take in this awesome view.  So So So nice.  The first day was pretty much gone but we were determined to get sewing so that evening we started project #1.  

Before I went on the retreat I was able to do a little pre-cutting to make the quilts go a little bit faster.  Here are my stacks ready to go.  That way I only had to sew and press.  

So I won't go into too much detail because the next couple of days were just a blur of sewing sewing sewing sewing cutting sewing stitching and sewing.  I will share a few more pics though, below is one of my partners in crime miss Katie.  We had to go a little earlier than the rest to meet my In-laws for the cabin but it was worth it because we got to get a head start sewing.  

Quilt #1 Finish - I picked a pattern from one of Camille Roskelly's books.  I prefer to do fast projects at retreats because they are a safe bet that you have enough material and aren't going to change too much. There are a lot of quilts especially now that I rely on my stash quite a bit and because I can't even begin to fit my stash and two other women and all our clothes in my car I have to make SURE that I have a non-stash quilt.  So here is Camille's Vintage pattern altered a little bit by adding an extra row from her book Simply Retro.  

Next project was a excuse to use a couple of jelly rolls.  

Quilt #2 finish.  This is another pattern from Camille Roskelly in her first book Simplify.  This was a super fast quilt that was a great break from the first one with it's chain piecing and squaring up.  This was just fast as ever with a little appliqué.  I loved it :)  I can't wait to quilt this little bug up.  

The third quilt I decided to tackle was a table runner using my mini pre-cut 2 1/2" squares.  I used two of these little pre-cut stacks and a couple fat quarters.  It was so fun to lay out and then get sewing.  I did ask myself why I decided to do essentially two quilts on point when making this next one but it wasn't too much trouble.  

I have to mention that amongst all that sewing we did take breaks to eat and the food was fabulous!  It was yummy and a great treat to visit with all the women.  Oh yeah there were some favors ;)  I've got my own set of sew red glasses now.  

Quilt #3 finish - This quilt was fun.  I used a pattern from the Knockout Neutrals book.  This pattern was stunning.  I loved the design.  I pieced my runner as opposed to appliquéing the blocks down.  I think that it will give me a better result and it wasn't any big deal at all to add those extra squares to the outside.  The green leafs are appliquéd however.  I took the leaf appliqué with me into the theater to watch a movie and turn which went by pretty painlessly.  I think I complained once, lol.  

The only quilt that didn't happen was this one below.  I made this with a 60 degree ruler with strips varying in width.  I didn't get a chance to finish this one because my brain was melting and I couldn't do it anymore.  I did stack them and label the rows so eventually I will get this little beaut sewn but for now I am back to being a mom and a wife and other things so it'll have to wait.  

So the last day I snuck this little sweet thing in (pictured below).  I have some things to add to it but it was a cute little mini-finish

Quilt #4 finish - 

Well I definitely feel spoiled to get to spend five whole days with some of the best ladies!  I had a blast and I wanted to share a bit of that.  If you ever get a chance to try out a retreat I would jump right in and have a blast.  It would be a wonderful treat.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quilt in a Day

It seems that I have been able to finish some quilts this week.  In fact I was able to make this sweet quilt in a day (less than 24 hrs).  I wanted to make this for a very deserving sweet person and amongst projects I just didn't have a lot of time… so I opted for a simple design in a large block size.  My kids helped me lay the blocks out so that no two matched, which can always be a little tricky.  Then on the quilting frame off and bound and delivered.  

Yellow was the color to keep in mind and so it is backed in that color (all fabrics are Riley Blake fyi).  Ya know I have been thinking why don't I make more of these short commitment quilts?  Well I am headed to a retreat soon and that is the plan to make a few fun fast quilts that let the fabric pop a little.  Obviously there are quite a few different types of quilts out there.  I try to give them all a shot.  It is good to stretch ones talents.

So, I am thinking that I need a few more couch quilts in this size.  Having said that, our family is a little partial to tied couch quilts but there might be a little wiggle room.  This thought has been crossing my mind recently to try some of these size quilts (a large couch quilt) if anything to add to the room decor.  Mind you I do have a LOT of quilted displays as it is… but cousins have inspired me to look at this concept a little more closely and perhaps add a few more quilts to a quilty room.

So I borrowed this little quilt for a couple minutes to feed that thought :) One day I will be a little more spread out over a little bit larger home and then maybe it won't look too quilty but until then I am happy with just seeing the cute things I get to sew.   So stay tuned to see some new additions of this variety in the near future.

In contrast to the fun fast projects the other awesome finish this week was our Sew Need a Break pattern for 2014.  This sat on the machine for a bit because I had built up some expectations to quilting and I didn't know if I was going to live up to those expectations.  But the Quilt in a Day needed to be worked in which gave me the push to get the quilting going on this little beauty.  I included feathers and I wouldn't say that I am amazing at them… yet.

The vision that I had in mind was inspired by a quilt I saw at Quilt Market this fall in the Fig Tree booth.  I just really wanted to do the same small stipple in the center with a feather bursting out.  I think I accomplished what I had in mind.  Although it was very nerve racking to commit to something that would be such a focal point in the quilt.

Another thing to point out is that I "WON" a quilt block while at Quilt Market in a schoolhouse series.  The crazy thing about this is that I had put it away completely forgetting about it until after I ordered the fabric for our Sew Need a Break group.  Well low and behold it was in the SAME fabric line.  Crazy.  Not to mention that it was such a cute tulip that fit perfectly into the quilt that was chosen for our group.  More crazy.  I did a little rearranging where the flower sat in the center as well.  I need to do some research so I can send pics to the sweet person that hand appliquéd this flower.

Did I also mention that tulips are one of my favorite flowers.  I am a very simple gal so that might be the reason why and I am sure it has something to do with the fact that my grandparents had tulips growing in their flower beds every year in a wonderful assortment of colors as well.

So this is still my favorite block.  The heart flower.

One other thing to mention is that I filled each 2 1/2" block with an orange peel quilting design.  Some of them look like this pic below.  Annnnnd some of them don't ;)

I guess you could say that I cheated a little on the borders by following a design, but I was already having a heart attack as it was with everything else.  I'm looking forward in the future where this is not a problem.  Then on the half square triangles I just used my circle ruler to make the geometric design.

Here is another close up of a pink ohio star and if you peek to the lower left there would be a little orange peel that wouldn't be my worst but you can get an idea of how some of them got a little wonky.

All in all this was a fun pattern for me.  I loved this designers style and it definitely is a unique quilt in my collection.  I am happy and I hope the rest of our group is as well.  At least I hope they will be happy when they finish.  I am relieved and happy that mine is finished.

Now I just have one more difficult quilt to tackle this year and then I think I am good!!