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I have a quilt to add to the patch.  It is watermelon.

What inspired this quilt?  Well, I have contemplated on making all the fruits out there and thought why not start with watermelon.  At first thought one would assume that I would make a Pear quilt being that we are working on the Pear Place.  But, I want to let that one marinate for a bit.  Because I have viewed a few Pear Quilt's.  They are beautiful!  I am not sure I need to make my own pear pattern or just love a Pear one that already is out there? Letting it marinate.  Back to the watermelon quilt, there wasn't a pieced watermelon quilt out there that was a good fit, leading me to decide that I would work on one.  So here ya go!  Watermelon available in Etsy Pattern Shop.  

This is a easy quilt.  I made the 12" block lap quilt and (2) 6” blocks.  I feel confident that they both work up just fine.  I like both sizes.  Even the 6” block isn't too taxing.  We were able to have our kiddos cousins come to stay with us for the weekend.  It is definitely a treat to include them in pics.  They are growing so fast!, Our kiddos and the cousins are growing so fast!.  We have spent time through out the years doing little things here and there.  They are mixed in with the ages of my kids which makes it fun to group up together.  I look forward to what the future brings for all the kids and am excited that we might be included as special people for them.  I sure love them.  

The greatest part of the quilt photo session is that we had four yummy watermelons to eat when we were all finished.  Needless to say they were yummy.

It has been some time since I have released a new pattern.  Life has taken me in so many directions.  I still have a passion for writing patterns but more slow and intentional.  It is such a change from when I was more integrated in the Quilting Industry.  But it feels right because I really wanted to make this and wanted to share with others in case they had such desire as well.

In fact life has taken me to a wonderful place!  We are developing a gathering place, seasonal marketplace, and platform for classes (quilting/extra/extra/extra).  I am so excited to be able to see our Pear Place grow in something wonderfully juicy and delicious.

The watermelon quilt features one block that is different.  It is what I refer to the YUM Heart block.  I included this block because I think it is fun to add something that is different than all the rest.  Some where your eye can land.  And a happy place nonetheless.  I have included a video as an aid to the pattern.  I have included a few quick tips about the YUM Heart block too.  Take a watch below.

I really love this pic! above.  It is so fun to see all the messy parts of The Pear Place.  I am just going to be shocked when it is all finished.  I can see what is in my imagination and it is so beautiful and special.

I decided to find some cute items that carry the watermelon theme through out our happy little home. The first up is Lauryn's  frame (click on Lauren's name to jump to her Instagram and find the adorable creations she has).  She is such a sweet person.  I am always inspired when I see her make something new.  I love seeing what she comes up with.  She was so kind to make this watermelon for me.  It was such a great welcome piece to hang on my front door.

Next up I found this darling bunting from Katie (click on Katie's name to jump to her Instagram and find the adorable creations she has along with the cutest fabric collection store ever in Etsy).  I came across her bunting mid quilt and couldn't wait to add that to the collection.  Katie has the cutest bunting and she just embarked on a new adventure offering fabrics too.  She sure has an eye for the best stuff.  I love seeing how she decorates her home incorporating her loved hobby of quilting.

Speaking of a loved hobby and decorating, click over to THE PEAR PLACE to see my take on both of these parts of my life.  One in a melon thoughts.

Just in case you wondered if our watermelon had black seeds... It didn't, I say with a big smile.  

Life is absolutely Sweet, Watermelon Sweet.  

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