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Double Gauze Quilts

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This life is just flying by!  Sometimes if I just take a second and reflect on all the experiences that make up my life I am just overwhelmed with so many different emotions.  Wow!  Life!!  This is day three of the gift countdown and the gift I am sharing today is these amazingly cute Double Gauze Quilts.  I will share all about them but first I have to say that I just love quilting!  I just plain love it!  It just makes my heart swell completely up! 

These quilts remind me of how a long time ago I was so excited to start something new.  I made a lot of mistakes and just kept toiling away to learn all that I could.  Here I am today and I am still striving to try something new.  It is all because I found a passion for everything sewn.  I actually get so much joy even stitching out designs on designs.  I can't hardly wait to see what the reaction will be when these cute quilts are cuddled for the first time.  I hope they can feel the happiness that was put into them.  I hope they can feel the love that I have for the person.  Isn't that a crazy thing to hope for? 

Double Gauze Quilts - What can I say... 

A couple months ago a few girls and I were visiting a darling quilt shop.  They happened to have a double gauze quilt that had two layers of gauze with batting in the middle.  And then we lifted it up and we all were so impressed!  I knew that eventually I would have to make some.

When I saw Shannon Fabrics prints in the double gauze you didn't even have to twist my arm.  Not a bit.
I picked this amazing Batting to use!! Quilters Dream Batting's Quilter's Dream Puff.  It was LOVELY!!  and truly quilted like a dream.  It had such an amazing feel to it and the loft was so wonderful for the quilting.  It complimented the double gauze perfectly.  The wonderful thing about the batting is that it keeps that soft light feel that the double gauze quilt creates in the first place.  It just feel like this combination was meant to be.

Now when you get to quilt peacock plumes on peacock plumes it is a great day.
I spend a lot of solitary time these days.  I love my many jobs I have.  I don't love to explain to people what all of those are.  But I do get to share pictures from time to time that descript part of my life.  One part.  Not all of my life but the part that I never regret and love to share.
 Teal is without a doubt my favorite color.  If I were a color I would be teal and I would be quilted in a Swedish flower.
 And I would marry a herringbone and he wouldn't be quilted in straight simple lines.
 And we would have two kids a peacock plume and a straight arrow.
And we would be happy.  Not all the time but generally happy.

And she loved the boy very, very much - even more than she loved herself.

No great thing is created suddenly.

Once in awhile, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.

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  2. Hi Michelle, These are so beautiful! I am so loving what you did with our double gauze! Just amazing - you are truly very very talented!