Long-Arm Quilting Fees and Lectures

Teaching Lectures

I have a label class that I am available to teach as well as showcase "trunk" shows.

All the Quilting Ladies, If you liked it then you shoulda put a label on it :)
- This class demonstrates the importance of labels on your projects.  Different ideas of content and placement as well as different label techniques/supplies (embroidery, manufactured, computer generated, etc) that are available.

Please contact at Michelleleejensen@live.com for booking information and pricing.


I can't believe I am a long-armer... :).  I started shop the first week of January 2013 and I am slowing feeling at ease with my long-arm quilting now.  Since quilting I would like to add a few disclaimers.

- I am not perfect, if you are looking for a perfect quilter keep looking because she isn't here.  I do however try my very best with every project.  I have examples of my work here on my website and in person.  I would be willing to share what I have quilted for myself or what I have on hand of others.  If you feel that my quality is to your standards with the pricing I have established then I am the "PERFECT" quilter for you :)

- I will not unpick.  Sorry, if you are dissatisfied with your quilt then we can talk about a reduction in price but I just don't have the time to allow for that commitment (the kids come first).

- I will ONLY use my thread (I will try my best to have a good selection to choose from but I can not use other types.  It slows down the process and the quality/style is not the same).  I will only use the same top and bobbin thread combination.  

Quilting Pricing - 
For basic all over continuous patterns cost is 1.5 cents per square inch.  Continuous patterns are designs that are a continuous line to allow for movement from one square to another.  This pricing includes simple to medium quilting (extremely dense continuous quilting is at the higher rate).

For intricate detailed patterns with starts and stops in each block and/or thread changes rate will increase to 3.5 cents per square inch.  This pricing also includes dense continuous quilting.

Minimum charge is $25.

EXAMPLE PRICING: Note this doesn't include batting or minimum charge.
Size of Quilt 40" x 40" = 1600" x .015 (basic rate) = $24
Size of Quilt 40" x 40" = 1600" x .035 (detail rate) = $56

Batting - 
I have a Hobb's 80/20 batting available that is $7.00 per yard, if you are in need of batting.  I also have a Hobb's wool batting available that is $14.00 per yard.  Upon request I am able to get different batting, but it will be an additional wait time for me to get the supplies.  I will only quilt with a low loft, high quality batting.

Timeline and Preparation - 
I will have a two week turn around unless otherwise stated.

The top quilt needs to be ironed completely (I know there will be folds from it being transferred from place to place but that initial ironing helps me to quickly press and load the quilt).

The back quilt needs to be be ironed and needs to be 4" larger than top quilt around all sides (This is important because the way the quilt is loaded takes a small amount of fabric and also the way it is secured at sides takes a small amount of fabric as well to keep backing taut).  Additionally if your backing is pieced... make sure that it lays flat because any waviness will translate to how it appears once quilted and perhaps might even get a wrinkle (this is something that I can not control because it is under the machine and the quality of piecemanship will determine whether or not a wrinkle will occur).  

Payment -
I am able to take cash and check and credit.  With credit, an additional 3.5% will be charged for processing fees.  Payment will need to be made to Mixi Heart.  

Thank you so much!!