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Playing with Colors

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What an exciting time of year right now!  Oh my gosh the colors!!  I love it.  I am so inspired by seasons which I pretty sure most people have gathered.  One of the biggest reasons is a change of color palette.   I have found myself recently just diving into my yellows and browns and always happen to have that green in there somewhere.  SO TWO.5 THINGS - I would like to first share a table runner (and a binding tape tutorial) that I have just finished as well as the fact that I finished writing my Back Packing school sampler pattern too, (available in my pattern shop and Etsy shop too).  

I finally got to that table runner that was I talking about being on the frame.  I was able to use my new long-arm arc ruler I picked up about a week ago, plus I got to use my piecing ruler that I picked up about six months ago (nothing like taking a lifetime to get to the latter).  I finally got a chance to use the Quick Curve Ruler.  It took a buddy sewing day to get me to that point.  If anyone hasn't had the fortune to check out Jenny's tool and her website it definitely will suck you in.  I love her quilts!!  I have seen a few in person in schoolhouse and it was sure a treat :)

Curve Piecing - 
To everyone that is thinking "what the heck are you talking about?"  I will let you in on what I am talking about, lol.  Curve piecing is a little tricky.  Typically you will use a template to aid you in this process.  I used one in my double wedding ring quilt and I have used one here with this table runner.  This template that I used is a thick plastic that you use with your rotary cutter.  You cut out the curves and their partner melons and sew them together.  Then you HAVE to square your blocks again, which is never something that I love to do, but you HAVE to.  Then you sew the blocks together and hopefully your curves line up beautifully.  If they don't then you just need to practice a titch more... which is the case for myself.  Though I was very pleased with my first attempt.  I donated this quilt for a bunch of these wonderful ladies I love, for a chance to win.  That is always fun because sharing my love of quilting makes me happy.  SO now I am going to have to make another to keep for myself :)

Back to the colors - Oh my gosh I love these fabrics.  The orange and brown and teal and yellow - HEART BEATS.  While I was making the arcs there were some melon shaped leftover scraps.  My buddy Katie and I thought they would make the perfect flower and they DID.

It is funny because when I was finishing up I was sharing the pillow and Katie said she loves the binding tape finish.  I need to do a tutorial for this ASAP!! - so here it is :)  This is a way that I finish my pillows.  It creates quite a bit of interest on the back of the pillow.  Especially when it is a very muted pillow like this one.

(Cut 2) 1 1/2" strip x length desired for project (pillow backs 16")

Step 1 - With the right side of fabric facing down, pull each side up to meet in the middle and press (refer to pic below).

Step 2 - With the fabric sides facing up fold one more time meeting these two folds together (refer to pic below).

Step 3 - Applying the binding tape to project.  Simply slip the raw-edge of the project (pillow back) into the center fold and stitch 1/8" from the outer fold (demonstrated in pic blow without pillow back).  This tape is very versatile being used in a variety of projects such as ties for a bag, binding/hemming a pillow back, etc.

So there ya go.  This is how I bind/hem my pillow backs.

Here is a close - up of the binding tape applied.

I quilted this quilt with my long-arm arc ruler.  It was very fun to add the gradual curves that helped keep the emphasis on the curved piecing.  Then filling in the center melon with an easy back and forth filler.

So I would say that this runner was perfect for this season and was a fun challenge to undertake.  Plus it is always nice to check off one thing I have piled on my list.

Back Packing -  
Last thing to add is that I have finished writing my back packing school sampler pattern.  This pattern is such a favorite one of mine.  It is such an enjoyable one to make.  The trims are super fun to add and I have included an label block or as an alternative to the backpack block, just in case people might not want to venture into zipper land.  Though, I want to point out that it is super super easy so go ahead and venture.

I will take you through the quilt.  We have an apple block, and a book block, and a fleece ABC block, and a school bus block.   Then on the next row we have a ruler block, a hall pass block, a school house block, and a paper block.  I have shared pics before in this post as well.

Then on the next row we have a turnstile block, and a backpack block, and a hourglass block, and finally a color-wheel block.

Oh my the polka dots!  I love them.  These fabrics are from Riley Blake's basic prints.  This means that no matter when you delve into this quilt you will have access to all of these fabulous fabrics :)!  That is the best right!

Then here is the super super sweet and delicious APPLE.

This pattern is versatile just like my other sampler patterns.  You can choose to make the quilt in the wall hanging version, the skinny wall hanging version, or the multi-directional table runner version.  So there is definitely a place in your sweet home for this lovely little teacher's tool.

I have made two of these quilts and my kids have put their stamp on each of them.  Here is before I was able to bind my quilts but it shows how they have each signed and drawn all the cuteness on the paper block.  PRECIOUS!

Of course now I have the quilts bound but I still have to stitch on the label - my quilt name and date I started and finished, then still applique it to the quilt(s).  Don't tell anyone... they are just pinned on... 

But that is a little bit closer.

Just count 1.2.3. and I'll be finished all the way :)

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  1. I can't believe you beat me to using the Quick Curve Ruler! That's been on my "to do" list for a long time! I love Jenny's website. I think your curves turned out perfectly!

  2. It all looks so good! I love the table runner and pillow. I am with you on colors. This time of year IS beautiful. I never noticed colors that much until I started sewing but now I go through phases where I'm in love with certain colors and can't get enough of them.