Quilt Market Fall 2015

10:16 PM

I headed to Quilt Market and I was feverishly working as fast I could.  I got all the quilts finished just in time... but the pattern is only 2/3 of the way finished.  Agh!!!  But I will get it all worked out when I get back, that is the dealeo.  I want to share these quilts because they are headed to market with me. I got to use Hoffman Solids and I just love them!!  I love the array of colors they offer and they just fit my patterns so perfect.  It was like they were meant to be.  

This quilt...

is AWESOME!!  I love the simple understated quilting.  I love the colors!  I love the design.  I just love it.  I know that we are nearing Halloween but this is for EASTER.  I mean it will take awhile to make and then quilt so it might just be the perfect time to start, lol.  Meet: Hippity Hop (it will be available no later than Nov1st in my little pattern shop... I promise).

I still am just in LOVE with this Hippity Hop Lap Quilt!  Love!

I made this quilt twice!  Again twice.  The one on the left in screen-printed fabric and the one on the right is in Hoffman's Contemporary Batiks.  They are just so dang cute!  I have to say that other than the fact that it took a really long time to make two of these they are both so cool.  I can not pick a favorite.  I quilted both of them so I got to practice either the same quilting in the same blocks or if something didn't work the first time I just tweaked it a little in the second one.  I rarely ever quilt the same quilt back-to-back so this was kind of a skill building experience.  I would recommend it but just talking your favorite quilting friend into piecing the second one, lol.

I said the Hip Hop the Hippie, the Hippie to the Hip Hip Hop

Keep Calm and Hop On

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