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The holidays are coming up so fast.  Being the planner that I am, I like to know what we are doing for each holiday.  The holidays for this time of the year remind me of a train moving with steady motion on a clear track first comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and finally the New Year.  It stops at one right after the other.  I like to have a clear idea of gifts we might share with each other, places we will go in regard to those holidays, people we want to make sure to include in advance.  These are things I just keep in the back of my mind.  This year I am kinda uncertain.  

People that know me well are aware that I have distanced myself from my mom this year because keeping that relationship going was WAY to overwhelming for me at this time.  So there, I will just put it all out there.  If it were simple and things were perfect, then a lot of things would be different. 
Everyone has their own story, I know that.  I try to remember that when things feel too big to handle.  

One thing that I am certain about is that I have my husband and my kids and we trust each other right now and we are doing our best that we can right now.  And that plans are forming for these holidays.  We continue to make memories despite all of the challenges.  And we are growing closer together and stronger together.  So my theme for these holidays, to make things fun, is going to be vintage holiday.  Doing a little bit of research and finding how things were celebrated in the past.  I've had fun learning about the origins of Halloween ;) and understanding others stories.  So much Fun!!

Vintage Holiday: available in my Etsy/pattern shop

There is a really simple feel of this quilt for me.  It does feel a little bit from another time.  The quilt block has a really classy look that the larger quilt features.

This is maybe my first quilt design that features String Art.  This is something I have been working with for awhile.  I have a few projects that I never completed that includes this technique.  I am happy to share it finally with this pattern.  It was so much fun to string and I was able to have it finished in no time at all.  The stamp is the white and gray block on the right.  Out of all of the stamps that I have designed thus far this is my favorite.  I love the connection to gifts with the bows on each side.  I also love that it is on point.

The pom pom trim reminds me of popcorn which is something that was used to trim trees in a Vintage time.

One print that might be considered out of place is the Black and White crossword fabric.  My dad and my grandma loved doing crossword puzzles and I am sure other members of our family as well.  This cute print has Christmas inspired words scratched in like Hot Chocolate, Mittens, etc.  I had to include it.  Plus the firewood print reminds me of how our family uses our fire place during this season and we all adore it.

I need to remind myself to take joy in this life.  It is so special.  And I threw in tons of heart fabrics for my little Mixi Heart.

I use to have three plus trees I would put up scattered through out my house.  Now I put up as many as I have energy for which is usually just one.  But maybe this year my kids will be able to talk me into putting them all up.

The Quilt Block that was featured is a diamond that requires a little bit of trimming to add the center diamond.  Once trimmed you are left with perfect little smaller half square triangles if you take the time to add one more sew line you can create a bonus quilt!.  So from the scraps I made a little tiny table runner and ended up with the tinniest of tinniest waste for it's center diamonds.  Not even enough to sew together.  I felt pretty enterprising.

The larger quilt uses Riley Blake's Lost and Found Love fabric collection.  Wow, so romantically perfect.

I hope you all enjoy the wonderful Holidays that are fast approaching and thank you for letting me share my sweet quilts with you.

"Old is the new New"

"Collect things that you love and authentic to you and your house becomes your story"

"Too much of a Good Thing can be Wonderful"

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