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Rolling Nine

10:08 AM

Here is seconds!  I finished this super super cute quilt.  This pattern is called Rolling Nine (available in my Etsy and in my pattern shop).  It is made out of Riley Blake's new line Girl Crazy that will be coming out in June!.  One reason I enjoy modern quilting is the large size of the quilt blocks.  This quilt is definitely and expression of that.  I guess it is a good time to mention that I have been working so hard at making things at a professional level.  This is a process that takes time.  Don't ask my why it takes so long to figure out hey people like a little bit of dazzle.  I know I do.  Well, I have added quite a bit of dazzle to my cover sheets as well in the content.  I am feeling so happy with the results!  PS - There are two movies at the end of this post.

Not to mention the quilting is definitely improving.  I was inspired by one of my favorite quilters - Jenny Pedigo, you know she is just amazing.  So I knew exactly how I was going to quilt this quilt because this is the second time I have made it.  Last summer I made a queen size that was raffled at my summer shop as a trial quilt with this block design and quilted it a certain way that worked well.  Since then I came across some quilting designs to add a little bit of a change up for the quilting on the block itself.  See further below.

This pattern includes several quilt sizes.  It also includes a pop by replacing background squares with an alternating color drawing the eye to one rolling nine-patch block.  I think these elements are always fun to add because it brings a place for the eye to rest.

This quilt sews up so fast because of the quilt block size.  I plan on making more versions of this quilt over time.  Who knows maybe for my summer shop this year.

So here is a close up of the quilting.  I used my circle rulers and a little inspiration from Jenny like I mentioned.  This fabric was so adorable.  I have made a quilt in the boy version of this fabric in the past and I was so tickled that they came out with the girl version.  I know you can't feel this quilt but it is so so so incredibly soft!  The texture is amazing.  What a perfect baby quilt.

So my projects intended for Quilt Market are getting checked off the list one by one.  This is the second one and then I have two more left.

I always use scraps to piece the back quilt for these projects in order to stay within the line.  I like using each print in the front and then for the back it is fun to make different combinations.  These prints are so adorable.  They are also directional.  So here I was pleased that I remembered to load the quilt the right direction so that the cars/bikes are all facing the same as the front.  Sometimes to avoid all the directional challenges I purposefully make the front of of the quilt multi-directional.  I will place the bikes going North/East/West/South.  That way no matter which way you have the quilt you will have at least one fabric facing the up.

Speaking of Seconds there are Two Movies that go along with this quilt.  Katie, a sweet friend of mine, and myself always have a long list of things to sew/quilt/embroider/not to mention all the other things we dabble in.  So to motivate ourselves we talked about sending quick clips to keep things going.  I know Girls are actually Crazy :) .  I made two for this quilt and you can see that this does actually sew up pretty fast.  Apparently I had to unpick once, which is hilarious because I totally forgot!

SO sometimes it takes two to have fun, sometimes it takes two to get motivated, sometimes you have to make two of the same quilt, sometimes have to have two of your favorite treat or get two of your favorite shoes in two different colors, Two is a good number :)

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  1. I love the "professionalism" of the new pattern. It looks amazing! Maybe we should re-write the paisley's and dots instructions, because I hate that they're written in long paragraph form and it's hard to find any single piece of information without re-reading the entire pattern! So excited to see what you've been working on this Tuesday!

  2. Holy cow you are a speedy little lady! Love the new pattern plus the fabric - Riley Blake so fits my personality. Keep up the awesome work, Michelle!

  3. I love your quilting on this, the quilt is so sweet. It is going to display beautifully at market! And you know I like to make TWO of everything. Lol. Keep up the good work.