Mixi Mini

4:52 PM

Okay, first one finished!! is the new Mixi Mini!!  Hopefully you will be keen on this little sweet knit skirt because it was a joy to make.  It was so EASY!  It really really was.  This is my newest pattern (available in my Etsy as well as in my pattern shop tab) and the first one in the stack intended for Quilt Market this next month.  I added a little tulle as an accent for the bottom of the skirt.  Cately has given her A-Okay.  The skirt was made with Riley Blake's knit in a yellow stripe.  

My little Cately is modeling this skirt and she also got one to keep.  She has already worn it too school but I was thinking it would be really sweet for an Easter Egg Hunt…

Here is the side view because I just love how the stripes transform from vertical to horizontal!

The back view with a little bit of a drop hip, lol.

A little bit of tulle detail.

I am thinking that everyone should have some gold ballet flats… I do not at the moment ;)

And it is twirling approved as well!

Of course I had a great time making this skirt and I have a quilt to share as well!  Lots of fun projects I am getting finished here.  Happy but Messy home.   I also have been working on quilting with new pantographs (first time using the baptist fan design) and we went camping which is another first for this year.  I know I haven't mentioned on here that I also ride Dirt Bikes and it has been a long time (depending on your idea of a long time).  The kids got to try theirs out too.  It was just so much fun.  It really really was.

 Then I have finished piecing the Churn Dash on point for my sweet Cately.  I just HAVE have to get one finished for Alex.  Can I do it?  I only have a week?  That means it is going to have to be pretty simple and sometimes simple works right!

So lots of first in this beautiful Spring.  I guess stay tuned for the seconds.

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  1. I so so so love this skirt, and how super easy it is to make. Love seeing how busy you always are but, man you make it look good! Cute cute, and love the dirt bikes, of course!

  2. I love the skirt! Happy to see your getting so much accomplished as always:) love everything! Keep up the great work!