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Washi Tape

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Here is the third Quilt Market Quilt!  Yes!  And would it surprise anyone that this is the third Christmas Quilt I have worked on this month?  I have heard of Christmas in July but in April it feels a little premature.  It was fun to see the holiday fabrics and it is always good to get a jump on things of this nature to make sure they are done in plenty of time because you know how things can get!  The fabrics in this quilt are Riley Blake's Doodlebug's Home for the Holidays.  So here is my Washi Tape pattern (available in my Etsy and pattern shop tab #2).  

I was inspired to make a washi tape quilt because let's face it Washi Tape is adorable.  I have recently used a little bit and a very sweet friend even gifted me some.  She is such a sweetie.  I can't get over it.

So I won't say that this quilting is my FAVORITE cause it is not.  I feel that I need to practice this style a little more.  First thing I will do once this quilt gets back to me is "WASHI" IT IN THE WASHER.  Ha, Ha, Ha.  Because I know it would look great all crinkly because my mistakes are pretty minor.  I would never point them out but you might see one or two here and there.

Good thing though is that I haven't started my list yet for Christmas because that would just be crazy talk.  Guaranteed though everyone that I put on my list is for sure nice.  The quilt reads "Making a list, checking it Twice, every-last-one is Nice."

And that is all wrapped up for this washi present quilt -

The second quilt that I am working on is another wall hanging.  This is the beginning of my snowflake.  You know no two snowflake's are alike.  That is what makes them so special.  Each and Every One.

Here is a sneak peak at all the cute fabrics that are pulled.  Christmas Love.

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  1. This is a darling quilt! Super cute fabric and I think the quilting is so fun too! Great job!