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Happity Hoppity

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Happity Hoppity or should I say crazyity happity hoppity - cause that is what I have been doing lately is just hopping from project to project.  And not exactly finishing the projects.  I think I have WAY TOO MANY things that I am currently working on!!  For Sure.  How does this happen?  What am I doing?  I wish I felt like a cute little bunny like in the pillow below but I actually feel like a wet frog slipping of it's rock from time to time.  ANYWAY, Speaking of cute bunnies, I made one in a pillow form - 

I was inspired by a table runner I came across and thought I would try to make a pillow version for a sweet friend.  *Since posting this I have come across an article where someone has had their works stolen in sorts and republished.  This of course is really sad and I would never want to hurt anyone and take their ideas and make money from it.  I did hesitate to post where I was inspired for this post but ultimately I didn't for a couple of reasons.  I didn't want to take away from their design as I am not selling this pattern if that makes sense.  Also, I didn't purchase their pattern and didn't want to link mine to theirs saying hey you can make this on your own! without buying their pattern?.  Although I don't want to take credit for making the pillow without inspiration.  See there is kinda a dilemma for me personally.  Where it is hard is when I am inspired by what others do but I usually put my own twist on things as I enjoy having originals and I prefer to not work from a pattern.  Which is one of the reasons I do sew for myself.  I guess that is why I am in the pattern design business as well, because I have the ability to create things and write instructions independently.  I don't know if everyone is able to do this but that is just how I work?  But the way that hers was stolen was a direct copy of her block and name and it was just blatant.  It is pretty shocking and definitely wrong.  It is very evident that they had purchased her product and then used her block and passed it off as their own.  Anyway, I am going to sit on this information and decide how I will approach this for the future.  As of now I feel that I would do the same thing as I originally did.  I did state that I was inspired by a table runner and it wasn't my original design so hopefully that is appropriate without the link and these are my reasons for not supplying a link.  If anyone would like to know the original inspiration source, please know I am always available through the commenting source and e-mail.  Thank you so much :)

I bound the pillow as usually to add a little bit of pop to the back.  

Embroidery is so relaxing for me.  I stitched this bunny face and an extra one for myself to make at some point (lol), while watching a movie with my family.  Then I rough drew the flower and stitched on a cute little button.  I was in love.  Sidenote Though, I think that I have more fun making these things than actually keeping it!  Then, I tied a little twine around it and my little one make a card (she loves making cards) and then it was handed off.    Then I hopped on to the next project.  

One of the projects that I am hopping around to is more embroidery in this awesome Paisley Quilt.  I think this definitely gives me my embroidery fix.  A friend of mine is making the same quilt, so that is nice to work on it together.  SO this is my official first block embroidered finish.

If you look close though there are some appliqué pieces that need to be added.  The plan is to wait until I have all the blocks embroidered before adding the appliqué.  So these little puppies will be perfect for SOFTBALL/BASEBALL season.  There is a lot of sitting and watching and stitching that will need to be done.

Next project that I am hopping around to is this stack of quilt blocks below.  I am making this quilt for my sweet little girl.  I hope to have this one finished and another one finished for my little guy before Easter.  I don't know if it will happen because there is only 17 more days!  It probably won't... but soon enough.  I can always move it down the line to Mother's Day, lol.  I guess we could start the tradition of me giving my kids presents on Mother's Day.

It wouldn't be too bad if the things I have pictured here and the couple quilts that I pieced from the Bear Lake Retreat would be all the things that I am hopping around to and haven't finished…... but there are MORE, a lot more.  Plus, I am working on some quilts for Quilt Market next month and I would share pics but I literally haven't started, so I will get to those soon and then share the pics.  So wish me luck as I hop to it :)

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  1. Wow! You are super busy! I've started on my paisleys, too. I'm loving doing it by machine with bobbin work. It takes me just a little while to finish 1 block! I've got 3 blocks done with plans to finish the 4th one this weekend.

  2. The pillow is so cute. I think that is how most people work-they get inspired by something they see and then change it to make it their own. At least that's how I work a lot of the time. The quilts for your kids are great too. I bet they'd love it if they got a present on Mother's Day ha ha.