Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sew Much 2013

Sew Much?

I think I might have out done all previous years.  It feels really really good to see all of these sewn lovelies all nestled up to each other.  I know I have a few I have shared, and a few I haven't shared.  Also, I have a few I haven't included of each variety.  Quite a few of these have found new homes and the other few are vacuum space-saved in my downstairs closet (solution to no space: space-saver bags ;).  I have a HUGE list of projects/plans for 2014 and we are only day 1 in but for now I will share mine from 2013 with a warmhearted farewell.  

I will point out my most favorite - QUILT MARKET BOOTH!  

most difficult - Double Wedding Ring

most meaninful - Dreams Come True

most fun (it's a tie) - Mixi Heart Pillow and Art Quilt


Bryanna Johnson said...

It's so neat to see your projects all together in one place. I'd say you had a great year! It looks awesome.

Sherri said...

So many great projects! Incredible!,,