Resolute 2014

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What does my heart hold for 2014?  Well Resolute 2014 has a GREAT ring to it :)  

I have decided to give myself a bit of time to decide exactly what that is…  we are about a week into this New Year... so here is my much meditated list - 

One : Take care of myself ( A little back story here is that I have put people's woes in front of my own for a bit and for good reason.  But, wonderful news is that they don't need me as much anymore,,, huge relief.  I don't need to get much more into that… but I will say that I am very happy for some struggles being conquered and I am looking forward to taking better care of myself such as sleeping better, smiling more and worrying less and just feeling like all my family is safe and good ).

Two : Feel Peace ( I trust in the fact that when things happen that ensue all time and energy and when it "works out" that it is the "right time" and knowing that I am doing my best all along the way... I guess this is the year of me but I really feel like all the hard work/ patience is paying off, I can feel it and I just need to trust in myself and feel that peace, Sometimes things that you know get clouded with all the loud noise of the WORLD and you forget to trust yourself ). 

Three : Love the Moments ( Just taking the time to breathe in family and friends and living in the moment with them )

Four : Challenge Myself Regularly ( This is my favorite one :0, What do I have inside that hasn't come out yet??  It is always a constant query floating around in my mind? )

And that is it for this year, very elementary… and it wouldn't be complete without an addend of Keeping Hope: "that everything I had planned/worked/dreamed/resolved for last year will finally come to fruition"!  I feel really good about these ideas and this new year.    

So now back to progress: Here are my blocks for our Sew Need a Break group (If you have interest in this pattern I would suggest clicking on the label: Sew Need a Break 2014 at the end of this post for previous information shared such as author/designer etc). We have quite a bit of hand embroidery.  This first block pictured took a couple of moons.  It is a little diverting that I never actually paid much attention to this particular block in the quilt when choosing the pattern but I thought it was such a sweet sentiment now that I have paid attention while stitiching.  I am going to quite treasure it when I am finished because I think it definitely relates to some of my resolutions.  

Sew Need a Break Blocks

The house is a fun block as well.  I have to compliment the designer because I am very pleased with her book thus far.  She explains things very well and the embroidery has been very enjoyable especially the satin stitches.  Our group I am sure will move through this pattern with ease.  

I am sure it is evident that every chance a heart is used it makes me happy.  I think I can safely say that this picture below will be my favorite block I am sure.  Look at that simply sweet stem.  

Well there is a basket full of ideas for the new year and hearts growing!

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  1. I love that last little tulip block. It's adorable! I hope you have a great year this year.

  2. i'm not sure how i happened across your blog, but i feel less creepy when i admit i am here..? haha i'm no quilter, but my mom's family is all from tooele! we dont go bak enough. i loved looking at a few of your pics...made me feel a little "at home" to see/read a little about tooele!:)

  3. Those sound like good ones! I was there when you took that hart pic:) aweee;) keep up the hard work your awesome!