Happy Holidays

4:18 PM

 Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

I can't express how amazing it is to have a family and I cherish every moment.  You never know how things can change in a moment.  Although I miss all my family during this time I am grateful for the family I can squeeze to death and I hope they feel that love from me.  So to all of you out there I wish you the best holiday season and I hope you are squeezing your family and friends that mean so much!…  and just a little flash back missing a couple of years here and there ~

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  1. I love all the pictures of your Christmases. That is a great idea to put them all together like that! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow :)

  2. What a sweet family! your kids look darling, and I am amazed at how much quilting you get done with two little ones. When my kids were that age there was not much going on in my sewing room. Hope you all had a great Christmas, we did at our house. Looking forward to seeing the progress on your block of the month quilt that your guild is doing. That is an ambitious project. I started something like that once, thinking "Oh, I can sew one block a month..." Now I have a box with one finished block and 11 months worth of patterns and fabric! Maybe I'll get to it this year. Happy new year!