A little Pitiful

9:20 AM

I only have one little pitiful quilt to share.  But does it make up for it if it is a really really cute quilt?  Well, according to the person that made it, lol.  I finished my (Kimberbell) ThanksGiving Wall Hanging a little bit ago and for the record it was after ThanksGiving.  As always these size quilts are the BEST to quilt on. Even the blocks are fun to make because there is a end always in sight.  

I pulled some purple to use throughout the quilt and you know it happens to be my favorite part.  It is such a rich and vibrant color in my opinion and is often shadowed by other colors.  I guess I am a sucker for the underdog.  Anyway, It brightens the quilt up for me, now I just have to wait practically a year to properly display this little baby but it did get it's own little day hanging on the hanger just to celebrate it's finish.  

I know I haven't mentioned this before but I aim to add a feather to each project if possible from now on to conquer the "FEATHER".  This little tiny empty block needed a little pizzazz so thus the feather. My worry before and then not so much after was "oh crap is this going to go really bad and then it is going to stick out because there is no piecing to hide behind?".  But much to my surprise the feather turned out decent.

Then I did use my most favorite feather the cowboy feather ;)  Btw, isn't her design super cute.  The pumpkin basket of flowers is so fun.

Then the embroidery block was great because what a sweet sentiment "In all things give Thanks".  It is such a great idea to keep in mind.  Then my big ummm healthily plump turkey.  She is delicious.  I had a few purple 2.5 precuts that I pieced together before making the dresden slices in order to get the perfect shade of purple in there.

So quilting these quilts turn out to be so much fun like I have said a million times because it allows me to try designs on a small scale that I wouldn't otherwise want to commit to for a large quilt.  Case in point this circle with the pebbling around the edge.  First off there are a couple starts and stops and then the pebbling would be time consuming but here it took just a couple of minutes and this plain block took on a fun and amazing new look.

Then I have adopted the idea to have a humble block in each quilt (pieced or quilted).  It actually is something that makes me just feel better about having a block that at first I thought was going to turn out cool kinda gets a little out of hand.  Then it is appropriately called the humble block which you need to have that block to keep you humble and remind yourself that you are not perfect, lol.  This block REALLY doesn't bother me in the least now but if I had to pick a humble block it would be this one.  I do think that if I had to do it again, I would have marked these lines FIRST then Quilted them instead of haphazardly adding them around the edge filling in awkward places creating a few more awkward places.  Ya live Ya learn… Then those rationalizers out there would rationalize by saying "Oh it looks cute because dot. dot. dot."  but in all reality it looks a little sloppy.  So in the whole scheme of things it works and it keeps me humble.

I got a label on it and it IS sewed one… isn't that a change.  I used some tiny tiny little scraps from the Ohio stars on front to make some mini stars on the back.  Then plopped a pumpkin, label, and some stitching on the side and finished.  Too bad that it took a lot longer than that but I will give thanks that it is done.  

So there you go one little pitiful finish and hopefully soon more to come.  :)

Thank YOU for stopping by.  

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  1. What a fun little quilt! I really like the variety of quilting designs used throughout the quilt! I especially like the loopy design in the purple section! Super cute!

  2. It's really cute and I like all the variety in it-lots of great details. I love the humble block too ha ha.