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Presents and Gifts

6:31 PM

The Manner of Giving is worth more than the Gift.  

1 - Sew Need a Break
The end of the year is wrapping up so that means our "Sew Need a Break" group are collecting our items to start our pattern for next year.  I shared the pattern by Natalie Bird here.  It has been kinda like early presents and a lot of anticipation with all the fabric being delivered over various days. 

2 - Tied Quilts
Speaking of Presents… our tied quilts pile is topped off and the quilting frames are set up by the fire to get the last few finished.  Four Finished - Five to Go.

3 - ThanksGiving Wall Hanging
I am having a lil bit of trouble finishing this little Wall Hanging.  Biggest problem is that Thanks Giving is over ;(  So the passion is gone, ha, ha, ha.  Do I pack it away until next fall???  NO - because I have all the fabric pulled and I don't want to tie up all the prints until then.  You never know when you are going to need the perfect brown intended for something else.  SO FRUSTRATING!!  But I do just have about three blocks left so I am determined.  It will be a wondrous gift to me to get it finished.
4 - Quilting Guild Christmas Party
Our Quilting Guild NEVER disappoints and delivers every time with all its delight.  The theme this year was Vintage Christmas and I just couldn't get over all of the vintage toys.  The credit always goes to our amazing member Janine.  She IS AMAZING!!!  She takes so much care with the decorations and it adds tremendously to the ambiance.  If you are local here you are totally missing out if you don't attend our meetings (so get out and join in January).  
5 - Long Arm Quilting
It has been a joy quilting a few Christmas Quilts that some very awesome ladies pieced.  I loved these two quilts and you can always tell when I love a quilt because I take TONS of pics of them.  It just helped put me in the spirit of Christmas this last week.  I got to try out a new design (Holly Leaves and Berries).  I HAVE to make a Christmas Quilt for myself by next year because it turned out so cute. 

 I pieced the back for the Believe quilt and Chevrons are sometimes a little tricky.  I opted to join a green chevron row which created this neat diamond shape.  I liked it ;)
 So I am definitely a Believer in the Spirit of the Season of giving and reflection and new starts.  There is so much to enjoy.  It is a GIFT.

PS - It is my Dad's birthday today and I want to give him the gift of my LOVE.  


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  1. I love the Chevron back. It looks really good! And that is a lot of tied quilts! They all look great-way to go!