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Inspiration - Sometimes this comes in the form of a very cute sketch from a WONDERFUL friend...

How else could I describe her.  I will take a sec and fill ya in on a person that has millions of great strings - She is an amazing hard worker, which I always admire.  She loves to give herself in service to organizations/family/friends/strangers.  She has an awesome competitive heart that beats like crazy with each new adventure she trials.  She is so creative and smart, this cookie is a smart smart girl.  She is my friend and I feel so lucky, I feel sad that I have ever taken her for granted :)

She sketched this sampler out and told me I had to make a back to school sampler and I did my best.  I will hopefully get some pics of the quilt she made as well as another awesome friend soon.  SO... my Katie was the inspiration for this newest pattern and it was super fun working with her.  But inspiration comes in so many ways for me.  I really design what I love.  I happen to love wall hangings currently (probably because I have a place from them in my home).  I also have tons of other places of interest which should be fun to explore (the tricky part is time, it takes so long to make something from start to finish, I need more of it).  I am so fascinated with modern quilt designs which I haven't even dipped my toes in yet.  I think that I am a poor example of style.  I was hoping to find my style this year but as of yet I don't feel like I am there quite yet.  So inspiration is there but I haven't full conquered it in my opinion... soon though ;)

(Katie's Sketch)

Quilt Market Countdown:
I am doing pretty good on my list.  I checked off quilting my new pattern "BackPacking".  Yay!!  All I need to do is bind these two little babies!!... and no binding wasn't a separate item I just need to do that.

Here is the BackPacking Wall Hanging.  I also have a table runner or what I like to call a "Skinny".  It can be a wall hanging as well and hopefully I will be able to share how that works in my house over the next few days.  Here they are side-by-side.  It is one pattern but you are able to use different layout arrangements to achieve the size you desire.  I hope to release this pattern asap.  I am taking it with me to Quilt Market so tell your local quilt store to look for Mixi Heart and how she is a cute girl that loves quilting!  I will update this blog when I have the pattern written and for sale in my pattern shop.

There is a sheet of paper in the pattern - I was able to have my kids write their names and draw a bit with a soluble marker, then embroider over the tracings.  This is a great way to customize your quilt!  I love when things are unique so it was a neat thing to include.   (PS - my little guy LOVES math so it is not surprising that he included a math problem although a little humorous and my sweet girl is an amazing little artist, don't mind me while I talk up my kids).

It is a little tuff to see in the pic but for the abc block I quilted with a fun easy background quilting.  It is just a mess of circles.  It was super easy and fast and cute for this quilt.  Plus it really helps the fleece letter appliqué just stand right out dimensionally.  It is definitely something one should try at home.

Here is the finished apple block I shared awhile ago with my tooth post.  Can't have a school quilt without an apple.

AND most importantly a BACKPACK!  It includes 2 pockets that are functional.  I was thinking about what I wanted to put in the pocket and I was thinking maybe lunch money??  It might make the quilt worth more!  The block includes a zipper but could easy be left out.  It was a great chance to use those zipper skills though or learn for the first time for some.

Take note that on one of the backpacks there is a cute flower :)  Must be a girl backpack.

I love the pieced blocks in this quilt.  One is just a fun turnstile with my most favorite color and then the other is an hourglass that happens to be my Quilting Guild Challenge Block for our Christmas Challenge (killing two poor little birds with one stone).  

I also loved quilting the ruler block.  In both quilts I did a square path.  What I enjoy about the sampler style quilts is the range of quilting designs you can just try on a small scale.  I know I have mentioned this before but it is so much fun to try something I haven't tried (which is a lot by the way being the new long armer that I am).  You can kinda see the crazy circle design above a little bit better.  You only have to make it work for a small area.  Plus it is just background so it isn't as noticeable if you "make a mistake".  

Next item on the agenda is my Mixi Skirt pattern made out of this fabric.  I love the colors!  They couldn't be more perfect and I can't wait to wear my skirt in Houston.  Wish me luck on the skirt.  Speaking of Inspiration... I need some inspiration for my decorations.  I think that I have a couple great ideas, though I try to never stop that process for sake of a wonderful epiphany.

AND one more thing I found inspirational - "PERFECT = BORING"

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  1. Everything looks so good for Houston I bet you will rock it there! I love the stuff from your kids you put on the quilts. So so cute and what a good idea.