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This past weekend consisted a lot of skipping around.  I had to put the Mixi Skirt aside and sew/quilt/finish a table runner for our Sewing Group Drawing.  

It was such a nice break from making patterns.  FREEDOM = Making a gift with scraps!  I pick through all of my stash to make something Halloweeny.  I definitely was inspired by spiders thanks to my hubby's little bring-a-wild-tarantula-into-the house adventure he freaked me out with the weekend before last.   

I got to quilt spiderwebs for the second time.

I also made a little pillow to match.  I tied a touch of tule around the pillow.  I kinda have a little obsession with tule right now.  Also, I used the ombre in green.  It was neat to see how the ombre changed through out the runner.  I hemmed the pillow with my favorite bias tape edge binding.

Cute runner that I got to give away and a great break from all the busy quilt market sewing :)  Here is a big picture - The layout is just an hourglass on point made from half-sqaure triangles and a four-patch.  

But now back to the Quilt Market Countdown -
I didn't have time to finish the skirt but I did manage to cut out the skirt body and the waistband.

I skipped ahead to finish four aprons (my APRON TIED pattern) with the help of my friend Crystal.  I have to say that I love her color-combo the best (upper left).

I do like my apron all by it's little lonesome.  The color combo wasn't exactly what I wanted and I would have probably picked a different binding and pocket but you can't always get everything right :)

I included my little label on the back.

One last skip ahead was getting to a fall quilt.  This is the next item on the agenda.  I need to finish piecing this little skinny and then quilt it.  It is my Falling in Love pattern and I am making it in the skinny version.  I have a big head start so I am just going to keep plugging away!.

Just Skipping through LIFE!

Skipping is an remarkably easy way to travel!

My HEART just SKIPPED a beat.  :)

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  1. I love, love the Halloween pillow and runner. So adorable! Weston brought a tarantula in your house?! Those things are huge and scary.

  2. I can't believe I didn't win that freaking awesome Halloween runner. Oh that's right I am not in the quilters quild. As always, it is awesome. And your hair is quite cute. We need to get together over dinner sometime! :)