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Falling in Love Again

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I quite enjoy falling in love with things again... like with my husband and my kids and my family and my friends and sewing and running and motorcycling and crafting and I am pretty sure that is everything that I love at the moment.  I think there is a cycle of maybe taking things for granted or getting hit with something life changing or time being taken up with something new or just stuff that takes your attention away from people/things.  It is fun to find them again and remember what you love about them.  Perhaps that little break is a necessary break.  Well, then you find those lovely things in your life that are amazing and it is like Falling in Love for the very first time.  

I take hiatuses at different points and a couple of the things that I have pushed to the back burner I have conveniently scheduled them into the next few months, YAY!  I am looking forward to loving them again :)  But speaking of loves not lost I am still sewing my little heart out for Quilt Market.  I got the Mixi Maxi Skirt finished as well as making progress on the Falling in Love skinny.  

I have finished piecing my "Falling in Love" pattern (pattern is available in my pattern shop tab #2 or in my Etsy) in the skinny version.  Now I just need to quilt this little baby.  I have a runner to piece too so I am going to save the quilting for next week.  
(Falling in Love Skinny)
 I finished the Mixi Skirt (pattern available in my pattern shops).  This skirt is in a beautiful lavender and navy blue.  It is so comfy and awesome!  Now I need to find a cuter white shirt to wear with this little lady.  Who has time for shopping?  Seriously!

Anyway, Here I am modeling the skirt in full picture :) I will be back soon to share another table runner and a couple more bags... Whew, this week has gone by like lighting.

"The Best THINGS in LIFE aren't THINGS"

"One of the BEST things in the world is hugging someone you love, and they hug you back even TIGHTER"

"I love every moment with YOU"

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  1. The skirt looks awesome! I agree-it is fun to remember why you love things! Especially after you forget.