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7:26 PM

Well FINALLY!!!  I finished quilting the skinny "Falling in Love" pattern (available in my pattern shop tab #2, PS - I have updated my pattern shop and it is pretty snazzy now, check it out and tell me what ya think)!  It took what seemed like forever to get to the quilting.  It just seemed that thing after thing after thing came up but without further ado - 

And, just like I promised, Here is the "Skinny" for our hallway.  I think that it is the PERFECT size to hang in our hallway.  It definitely is a great surprise to see from my front door.  Now I need a whole new collection of Skinnies?  This reminds me of fashion dilemmas right?  Don't they always pose a waterfall of problems??? YES!  Anyway ;)

The quilting on this runner wasn't anything spectacular but today's quilting did stand out for the one specific reason - I did not have one problem.!.  I managed to get my tension under control after a couple of months of struggling with it.  There is nothing like a little self-doubt and frustration to set you back a bit.  I have to admit that I was getting a little perturbed by the whole situation.  So thank goodness I had a good day today.

I didn't LOVE the background quilting in the Fall block but I think that I am just a little out of practice for creative backgrounding.  I can do the simple stuff no problem but I have regressed a little bit in the creative smooth part.  I was aiming for leaves blowing in the wind.  I am going to make a point to get some of that creative smooth back.  I haven't had the time to put into long-arming as I would have liked.  It is because of all the misc sewing I have been doing lately.  On the positive side - at least I have the other kind of back grounding down.

Like Pebbling...

Also, I was able to get another thing checked off my list today as well.  I made another Sweet Diaper Bag (available in my Pattern shop tab #2) to take to Quilt Market with me for my exhibit.  I love this vinyl and my roll is seriously depleted. There isn't much more I can make from it :(

I got my label on the inner pocket.

All of the inner pockets turned out so nice.  This bag was very enjoyable to sew this time.  Even the changing pad was a snap.

One of my favorite parts of this bag is still the gathered top.

Next thing to tackle is booth decorations!!! EEEK :)

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  1. I think the fall background totally looks like windy leaves. I love it! And your pebbling looks amazing. Can't wait to hear about market!

  2. It looks like you're getting everything ready! I love the skinny and you know I love your diaper bag. I am still using mine because I love it so much :)