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No, we didn't actually go to Octoberfest... although it does always look fun when I see pics of other people enjoying themselves.  We do have our own version but it only lasts one weekend and it is all centered around a little girl's birthday, ha, ha, ha.  That is where all my time went this weekend, going to a haunted village, and having a little get-together, all the while making sure we checked off all her hopes for food/presents.  We didn't go CRAZY but she was happy and we were happy to make her happy... for a weekend.  

It also is my favorite time of the month - QUILTING GUILD!!  Yay, which meant I needed to make some cute Round Tuits for people to pick.  Of course it is fairly simple with it being the month of the WITCH.  

I made little brooms.  I was inspired by a pin I found on pinterest.  IT was super cute but I did have to change a little bit because you know I had to work with what I could find.  I am now a proud owner of a 3/4 roll of gold duck tape which I know will come in handy again one day.

Second thing that I was able to finish today was my QUILTING GUILD BOM 2013.  The quilt is due tomorrow.  I am all finished!!  I just hand-stitched the label on tonight while watching a little tele.

I added a little script to the bottom of the quilt by the salt house - It helped fill that awkward empty space it had.

Green Flower Block - Still my Favorite Block!

I hand embroidered a little on the back label and then I had to hand stitch this little bit.  I am going to make a confession just between us - I DON'T LIKE HAND-STITCHING APPLIQUÉ ON!  I know it is not a good thing to say that you don't like something but I can't help it.  It takes so long and I don't quite love my technique.  I wish there were an easier way to stitch labels on for crying out loud ;)

The quilting was a little wild.  This quilt actually was washed which I don't enjoy doing for wall hangings.  I like them better when they are nice and flat so you can see all the piecing and applique better.  My friend and I have developed this therory "Do you wash wall hangings?"...  "It depends on how good the quilting is".  Soooooo, I washed this one because I decided to be adventurous and quilt feathers around the edge of the quilt.  I don't not like them but I do not love them :)  They are actually fine but I think just that extra crinkle hided everything I don't love about them.  PROGRESS though for sure!

And that it all I have got going on the past few days.  I did get a LOT distracted by the Octoberfest Birthday (It was worth it).  Next thing that still remains on the agenda for Quilt Market is quilting the Skinny but it is like my hubby keeps telling me lately "There is always another day", annnnnd he is right :)  Can ya tell I need a lot of talking to from my loved ones.

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  1. I love the quilt! All the little flowers on it are so adorable! Kids' birthdays are fun and that's good you made it special for her :)