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Practiced vs Natural

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Practiced vs Natural - Things that I practice that I don't seem to be amazing at vs things that just come natural and seem really easy peasy.  I have been sewing with knits again this week and it always takes a little bit more brain energy to tackle these projects.  So that is my practiced skill.  

I needed to sew a couple more or my knit patterns in different sizes.  It is fun to see them in the variety of colors.  The gray is my favorite though.  

See not too shabby.

The blue one needed to be a little bigger but she modeled that one too.  Cately enjoys being my little model here and there.  She tried on the skirts too but they are a little too big for her at this point.

What comes a little more natural is quilting.  After all that knit sewing I was super excited to get on my long-arm.  I know that I have had to practice the long-arming as well but it sure comes a lot more natural meaning the improvement takes wider strides.  The reason being is that it feels a little more natural and in turn is more enjoyable.  Isn't comfort the best?

I got to quilt this fun nine-patch from one of my most favorite quilting friends.  I tried out a quilting design that reminds me of feathers and I don't know if it is the color of this quilt but I kinda reminds me of country cowboying so I decided to name it the Cowboy Feather.  This cowboy feather was so fun to quilt  because it looked so dimensionally awesome as I was adding it to each row.  It was really enjoyable to make the wandering featheresk trail.  I have to admit that I have been skipping the pantographs lately to stretch my free-hand skills.  I quite enjoy that so much better.  It feels like driving a car in a winding mountain road.

I know that I started out a little shaky at the beginning of this year with the long-arming but just fast forward about six months and now things are turning out not too shabby too.

I think that the free-hand real feathering is just around the corner.  I just need to get the perfect quilt to try that all out.

So if I had to pick... I would pick things that are natural most days and then throw the practiced things in the mix every so often ;)

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  1. Cute! Love the dresses and the skirts! And that quilt design is beautiful. :)

  2. I agree-it's a lot more fun to do things that seem easy! Your stuff is so cute. Are you having good success selling your knit stuff? is that why you needed to do them in different sizes?

  3. Hi Michelle! I have been following your blog the last couple of months and I love to see the stuff you have been creating! Great Work! I have a bunch of banner that need to be quilted. Also, I was wondering were you get your tags made (the one on the back of your quilts). Ammon and I are always coming down to maybe we can meet up sometime! Email me and lets talk! Liz Ashby