Bear Lake Retreat

Bear Lake Retreat

1:24 PM

Do I look rested and happy?  Well I don't know about rested but I am happy!  I was lucky enough to join my quilting guild at our Bear Lake Retreat.  It was so much fun.  I loved getting to know all our ladies better!  I seriously feel like I just made like 26 new best friends :)  I have known all the ladies and see them a little more than once a month but I got a chance to talk to them for an extended amount of time and I feel like I learned so much more about how many kids they have and where they are from and what they like to do for hobbies... QUILT, like me and tons of other stuff like fishing, sport watching, riding horses, weaving baskets, photography, walking, cross stitching, etc.

I worked on a few things up there.  I made some more sampler blocks for my sampler quilt.  I am at a lucky number of 23.  I need to figure out the layout soon because who knows how many I need to make.  I think that is something you should figure out before you finish the blocks and even better before you start the quilt but I am doing things a tad bit backwards.  When I counted them up this time I got a good feeling that this quilt is getting closer!!  

I got some hexagon flowers stitched up.  These are intended for a table runner so we will see how soon I will get that finished.  I still need to finish one petal and then make a whole "nutther" flower.

We also did an exchange while there.  I made this little girl (don't mind that it is a little wrinkled, it was stuffed in my fabric suitcase and I came back with more than I left with).  All the other girls are from the other women.  It is kinda fun to look at all the other designs.  Also, I did notice that I have used the same fabric as one of the other blocks, just in a different colorway.  I guess great minds think alike.

We ate delicious food and they treated us so well there.  I am very confident the next time I am going to stay a little longer because it went by so fast.   I have to give credit to the things that are complete like a cute sewing bag we all worked on together (I don't have a picture) but they were super cute just take my word on that.  

So thank you to all the ladies up there and wouldn't ya know that I have tons more things to finish now that I am back home.  How does that work out?

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  1. That retreat sounds like it was so neat! That is great you got to go do something fun.

    I also love your summer quilt. It has all the great things about summer! What marathon are you running?