Summer Flies

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It is a little early for summer... especially since it snowed this morning. BUT, I have my summer wall hanging pattern available (The pattern is available in my shop - Tab # 2, or in my Etsy and Meylah stores). This way it gives one plenty of time to have it ready for summer :) Of course I had a BLAST quilting this little baby. I loved pebbling. I could probably pebble a very large quilt and not tire of it (well maybe a little bit).

I have used all Riley Blake's new fabric lines.  I can't get over how much I love the strawberry prints and the lady bugs.  Some really cute stuff.  I have included Simple Gingham, Hello Sunshine, Ladybug Garden, and a little bit of Madhuri.  This is a great WALL HANGING and also included is a TABLE RUNNER layout!!

Summer really does fly by for our family which I am sure it does for everyone.  I anticipate it each year as do my kids.  I just love the weather and the camping.  There is nothing better.  This summer I am going to be running the marathon towards the end.  AHHHH!  I hope that training is good to me.  It should be because I have a good partner.

The snails represent my sister-in-law and myself.  I drew them awhile back and it is funny to see now because it is like we slugged along until we ran into each other and then we just stayed there staring at each other.  I could probably do that for some time and it would be quite humorous.  It could entertain us, we are pretty easy.

Who doesn't love butterflies?  I use to catch them when I was younger and then let them go.  I think that was my version of catch and release with the substituting the fish.  I am not a great fisherman... trust me, there was a thrown pole and then a lot of embarrassment followed.  I don't even catch grasshoppers very well either they are TRICKY.

Well, anyway, I hope you are enjoying your spring and get after it and make a quilt for summer.

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  1. Hahahaha oh Michelle I love this one!!! It's so cute and the colors are so bright and purdy! And the snails crack me up!