Bernina 7-series


8:14 PM

I just finished a new pattern. I entitled it "Breathe" because that pretty much describes how I feel right now. Spring is a breath of fresh air and even though things are so busy lately I find myself smiling at night because it has been a good day or just because I feel a joy inside.  This pattern is available in my pattern shop (second tab) and on my ETSY and MEYLAH.

See these little hexagon flowers found a home.  I already gave this runner away but I am soon going to make another one for myself.  It sure will be nice to have one of them in my home soon enough.

I pretty much love this pattern... sorry to toot my own horn.  I just really love it right now.  It was fun to quilt it too.  I think I might try something a little bit different the second time around.  Speaking of amazing...

I got the opportunity to take a sewing class this last weekend and it actually took my breath away :) I was lucky enough to be picked to trial the new Bernina 7-series sewing machines and it was AMAZING!!!

I have never used an embroidery machine before and to get to use the nicest one out there was CRAZY to say the least. I am including a picture of the pillow we made in class. I made the whole thing in an unbelievable short time where I was able to customize the designs and combine stitches. One part was a little wild because I didn't get the concept that we were making the side part, I thought we were just practicing but of course I won't point that out, lol. But back to the whole experience... I loved the snips and the hover-foot and the the creative functions, and the touch screen... Don't even get me started. So proud of my little pillow!!

(hope is a great word!)

I am going to take a minute and Breathe because I might be getting a little bit sick :(  I know that is not great.  When I say breathe, I mean watch a movie in my nice cozy bed and stay close for the weekend.  I get to teach a class this coming week so hopefully it won't last too long.  No rest for the wicked :)

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  1. Wow, you teach classes? That's so cool! I'm not surprised because you are a pro so you should share what you know :)

    I love your pattern. So pretty and I love the fabric too.

    I also think that's so neat that you got to try that Bernina. Lucky! I hope you don't get too sick.

  2. You better not get sick, cuz I've been looking forward to this class for months! p.s. I LOVE your new pattern!

  3. What classes? Where? I want to come!