Heart Straps

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First I will start out with my newest pattern. I absolutely needed something new for Valentine's Day and so this little table runner and pillow was born. Hope you like it. I used fabric from a very sweet sewer that I meant at quilt market.  So here is my first yellow addition to this snowy time of year.  It has a little bit of yellow mixed in.  Also, again this pattern is available in my Etsy and Meylah pattern shops.

(Riley Blake's ribbon trim)
The ribbon I used is most most favorite at the moment (It is one of Riley Blake's trims).  It is little flowerettes stitched together, it couldn't be more sweet.  I thought it would be fun to make a heart out of the ribbon and stick it on this really simple pillow.  I think it worked out pretty nice :)

(This is my favorite block)

(This is my favorite row ;)
So it has snowed a lot here!  and I am sure everywhere.  Some interesting things about our backyard is one... it is small, two... we have lots of creatures that spend the winters with us.  Here are my sewing partners (which is what we call them in our house).  There are three deer, really four but I think the fourth is out of the picture, that are nestled in this picture.  They are about 20 feet away.  We like them.  They like our backyard.  Living in the "city", it is crazy that I get to enjoy so much wildlife which I would have never imagined coming from the country.  Even during the summer we have crazy racoons and skunks.  My favorite is then the deer have their little ones in the spring.

Second yellow thing.  The second yellow thing I made was a cute Kimberbell pattern.  I met her and her sister at quilt market and I have never stopped saying the nicest things about them because they were so so nice.  I love this pattern.  I actually have a little love banner that I haven't finished but I wanted to hang it up for our sewing group that met last night at my house.  It sure is cute.  I am in love with yellow right now as I mentioned.

What I really love about this quilt though is that I again got to practice my background quilting.  It was very fun and I love the final look it gave this quilt in particular.  The stitching really "pops" (truly stands out physically), along with the other appliqué parts.

Also, in my borders I did some circle loops and added that fun swoop heart.  I couldn't be happier with how great it feels to make great progress on long-arming and I am feeling tons of relief now because it was shaky at first and I was doubting the whole situation.

Our sewing group was a such a fun thing.  We are making Kimberbell's Land of Liberty pattern.  I got to meet her at Quilt Market and it was a pleasure to pick her pattern for our group this year.  This month went especially well because I was able to hear from others about their progresses this past month.  We aim to finish the quilt by the fourth of July just in time to display.  Hopefully, I will get pictures at that time to share.  Also, I got to gift them that cute heart table runner from last post.  I love quilting and sharing it with others is a real joy :)

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  1. The heart on your pillow is so adorable! I love it. I love all of it. I think it's amazing you make patterns. I also love the wildlife in your backyard. A little bit of Rush Valley just for you ha ha.