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Greater Priority

11:16 PM

Priority Swapping.

1. Double Wedding Ring - I decided to get this quilt out again and stack it on my piano and now it is stacked on the safe.  I am doing okay on this project.  I pin until other things of greater priority develop.

2. Wild Horse Quilt  - I am making the quilt that will be raffled off during the wild horse event for this year.  I have been working on it the last two days.  I made great progress today but still have to stitch the appliqué portions before I sew it all together.  I like the colors and the pattern is from a book I have had a few years (Material Obsession).  The colors were so similar so I decided to keep it simple for me and follow a super cute pattern.  I stacked it up until this next week.

3. Diaper Bag, Receiving Blankets, Crib Sheet - We got news that our family was expecting their little addition a little sooner than expected ( about three weeks early).  I had to get on it asap so I packed the quilt on the floor away as quickly I could by getting most of the quilt sewn together.  Then I gathered the fabric and got started.

I made my Slouchy Bag pattern in new fabrics and loved the combination.  I plan on updating the pattern with some new pics.  I got the items finished a little after the new addition arrived ( a few hours).  I plan on dropping them off tomorrow and getting to see the little one in person.  I was hoping to have all my items ready but I have a few more little things to add, but that will give me an excuse to drop by later and see the new addition again.  So actually, that is a better plan.

4. Laundry - Unfortunately laundry has again jumped up the priority list so tomorrow at some point I need to dedicate a little bit of time to that not so much fun thing.  The pile is so big and the options are getting slim for the kids.  Positive side of that is that I am pretty good at finishing it fairly speedy so no worries and then maybe I could get a little bit more finished on my Priority List.

5. Long Arm Pile - There is one other pile and it isn't Laundry.  I have a little bit to catch up on and a quilt to make.  But they are going to have to wait at least for now because we have friends for the weekend staying with us.

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  1. I love your diaper bag! So cute. It must be Sean's baby, right? All the rest of your stuff is so cute too. I love the quilt colors.

  2. I love your work, Michelle! Can't wait to see the Wild Horse quilt. Oh, and I keep forgetting to ask, can you please forward a picture of the round tuit to me? My cell # is in the quilt guild list.