Double Wedding

The Double Wedding

1:03 PM

Well, I am attempting this crazy Double Wedding Ring Quilt (skip down if you are impatient because there is a really good thing that I ordered!).   I have wanted to make one of these quilts... well since before I started quilting. It is interesting how things slowly burrow into your brain that you might want to check off your list in life.

 This is the case for me. I keep coming back to "I want to do that one day" and finally I reach "I'm not going to talk about it, I am just going to do it". I have reached this conclusion in regard to this quilt and also a LONG ARM!!!

Speaking of double weddings... my grandma and grandpa had a double wedding.  That comes to mind every once in awhile.  I try to imagine what it would have been like for them so long ago to drive across states with the girls coming one way and the boys coming the other way to meet to get married.  What an interesting way to have a wedding.  My grandma was such a sweet lady and I would have loved to have met her and my grandpa all the way back then.  She had a double wedding ring quilt on her bed and I don't really know the story behind that one.  I am not sure if it were made for her or if she bought it?  I will have to get more information on that one.  Does anyone want to have a double wedding with me or maybe if Weston and I get married again it will be considered a double wedding (to each other of course)?.  Back to quilting...

I have been meticulously cutting out all of these little squares only to find out that I need to cut out about 3000+ more.  It said how many arc pieces which was a lot and I thought that meant how many pieces but it actually meant how many arcs which is all that I cut out times 6.  What in the heck am I doing?  This quilt has changed sizes in my head about twenty times now because I can not believe what I am doing.  I was thinking "oh crap well I am just going to do a lap size, then well it would be an awesome king, then I could handle a queen, then Weston and I need to have two twin-sized beds".  I have finally decided that I am gong to just cut as many little squares as I can take and then see what size of quilt that will be.  I just had no idea!  But back to the long arm...

I ordered a long arm quilting machine.  I just jumped feet first and now my cute little sewing room is going to be jammed packed because I am going to stuff a 10-12' frame with a quilting machine on it into this little quaint room.  I have pre-moved by shrinking the table and then moved the piano to overlap the window which isn't ideal and I still think I am going to have to move my piano into another room.  I seriously use it all the time though when I am sewing and need a break from something super super irritating like this wedding ring quilt.  I am trying not to panic too much but it is a little bit of a panic-inducing situation.  I just couldn't say one more time "I am going to get one of those one day", the day just got here instead.  Did I say I am going to have a long arm?

It won't arrive until next month but it will be a good good day when it does.  I will of course share with updated pictures.  I plan to keep myself busy until then on misc quilts and classes for the long-arm (which will be fun!).

Last thing is that this double wedding ring quilt was traditionally made when a couple would get married I think?  That is why it has the two rings encircling each other.  I have been married for coming up on 11 YEARS.  That is so crazy.  So I guess this one will be symbolic for us that we have kept those rings together for all these years even though neither of us wear rings?  I just don't enjoy wearing jewelry on a consistent basis and Weston feels the same way.  I guess it is good that we didn't invest too much $$ into those in the first place.  So maybe it will be good to have a wedding ring quilt, lol.  Well wish me luck and hopefully this won't make it's way into my I don't want to finish this right now drawer because you have no idea how much I have wanted to put it in there over the last day.

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  1. You amaze me! I will have to come over and check out all your quilting gear! It makes me want to start quilting, but I think I would just get a headache instead!

  2. I think the quilt is going to be awesome. I love your sewing room. I want a sewing table for Christmas. Then I can make a sewing room too!

  3. Serious jealousy going on over here! How did you decide what long arm machine and frame to buy? I am still in the "I want one of those machines one day" stage.

  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention I will be happy to provide a few quilt tops for you to practice on :)