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Well to do a recap of the Market... I will say that I learned a lot. I met a lot of great people to know. I exchanged a few cards and handed out some flyers. I also took a few school house classes that were very informative. I experienced sample spree. There were some things that I had pictured one way, which I was looking forward to.  Then once experiencing it I found I wouldn't participate in next time. Then there were other things that I just did for the heck of it and I was very surprised that I would definitely do next time.

There were people from all over the world there.  I was there just three days and market went two extra days that I wasn't,  but I would say that it was very easy to get around and see all of the booths.  I didn't feel crowded which I was wondering if that would be a problem and it wasn't.  I think just being one person moving around made it pretty easy.  I also peeked at a few of the quilts in the quilt show that will stay for a few weeks until the Quilt Festival for the public is over.  They were impressive.  I think that it is neat that people have invested the time to dedicate to one quilt that would be easily upwards of 100 hours.  Those are crazy to see.  So all in all it was a great trip.  I learned probably too much and now I just need to decide what to do with all that knowledge... maybe just waste it.... just kidding :)  I'm looking forward to getting with some of the people I have met and to continue on down this road of making new things.  Plus I did get to spend some time with family down there as well.

(sample spree)
(cutest booth display, I think that this trailer was super cute and it really would make camping fun but I don't think it would be as cute when you got home because camping is quite dirty my feeling)
(on the plane home)
(Coming into the Airport)

I got to spend quite a bit of time with family (Uncle/Aunt/Cousins) and that was super super nice.  I think I might have bored them about quilting a time or too because I am a little too obsessed at times.  I sure had a lot of things about it going through my head while I was there so it was hard to not think out loud a time or two.  I loved spending time with a cousin that I grew up with.  He was really fun to be with.  I guess even how much time goes by you still feel like someone is one of your best buds and time will never change that.  

Plus my family there was so gracious and I am so thankful for them helping me while I was there.  I wish I could have done more for them to show how much I appreciated them.  

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  1. That sounds like so much fun and I'm happy for you that you got to go do that.

    P.S. Thanks for the ideas on my blog. I'm going to look up that person on Etsy. I hope I can really learn!