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When gearing up for the holidays it has crossed my mind several times that this one is going to be quite difficult with my dad being gone.  Strangely enough, I have been so thankful over this year, more than I could ever imagine.  I am so thankful that I had such a great person in my life (my dad and also my late brother) for the time that I did and I am thankful for the life that I still have.  Some of this recent perspective has obviously come from tragedy.  Some has come from experiences and it has just helped me know what my focus is and what to value.  It makes me so thankful for the great people that I choose to have in my life.

When thinking of things we all have experienced it doesn't take more than a second to look beyond ourselves and see someone hurting.  Recently, my mom's family is going through terrible heartache right now and it breaks my heart thinking about them.  My uncle Myles was flying his plane on Saturday and didn't make his arrival.  He has been missing since then and they haven't found him.  I am so sad for their family and it makes me think that just when you feel sorrow, someone else could have greater sorrow.  It makes you aware of life's hardships and to be there for people and support them.
UPDATE - They have discovered the crash.  It is not what you would hope to discover.  I hope that they are able to heal and feel calm over time.

That has been the biggest message to me this year is to surround myself with amazing people and be one of those amazing people.  When being amazing, try to always think of others and do your best to give yourself to them.  I am completely thankful for everything in my life and all of it is so precious to me.  Please know that I will be there for people the best way that I know how and I am so humbled by everything right now.

So here I am sewing pi's for my sweet kids and making a delicious dinner while someone is crying and hurting deeply.  So I pray that they will find him.

(pj's for Alex)
Also, to all of you... have the very best Thanksgiving ever and know that I care about all of you that are close to me, both friends and family.  

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  1. That is so sad about your uncle. It doesn't seem fair when so many bad things happen to one family. You guys have had more than enough! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I love the pjs!

  2. On the update: I'm sorry to hear that. How sad!