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Every Summer has a Story - At the end of the Day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes Sparkling -  There is always that one Summer that changes you - 

To say I am tickled that Summer is finally here would be a major understatement.  I am just so excited!  I have plans for tons of sewing and lounging with the kiddos and hubby and rekindling those loved friendships and hoping that it changes me.  I feel this little Spark in my heart and I just can't begin to imagine what it all means.  

It is so fitting that my new little pattern is entitled Spark.  This is my take on the Fourth of July holiday but certainly can be a great fit for the whole summer.  I exhibited this Spring Market in my neck of the woods which made it so NICE!  Wow!  But for those of you that missed market... I want to introduce my new patterns (and all the while sharing a little bit about me if you happen to be new) starting with SPARK:


These two quilts compliment each other like ice cream and sunglasses.

Summer Fact 1: We eat ice cream on a designated ice cream day... each week... the whole summer!

I love the extra sprinkle of quilting on this quilt.  I picked a red thread and on each of the red blocks I added  some curly vines that mimicked the background quilting.  Just darling.  

The extra sprinkle of quilting is subtle but in person adds that special pop :)

Summer Fact 2: We have camped the same place each summer for the last six years. It is pretty Sweet.

Summer Fact 3: My hubby is a fireman and he is very busy the FOURTH of JULY putting out fires.  Psst... He loves it!  US fire wives get together and still have a really good firework show :)

In the picture above take a peek at the binding.  I used ombre fabric for my binding and couldn't love it more.  I also cut a few of the hexies from the same fabric.  Such a fun pattern and I hoped you enjoy getting a closer peek.

Before you know it Summer will be over and so here is hoping that it won't go too fast.  And then I will be ready to soak up the fall and all the great things that fall into our lap during that season of the year.  I feel like it is a lifetime away at this point.  However, skip just a bit ahead with me with my Halloweener patterns.  The other two that I released at Market are HAUNT:


I just can't get over how cool the Web Star quilt turned out!  I want to make it in red and blue for the Fourth of July too because it isn't just simply a Halloween Quilt... however, it is just darling in the spider web fabrics.  Sometimes a quilt just works!!  Wouldn't this be so cute in a million different fabrics/colorways/etc!?!?!

Summer Fact 4: Working from home with the kids here for the summer my productivity suffers.  It is a good thing though because I enjoy producing a little less at the expense of spending time with the kids.  I still make little work goals that I want to accomplish for the week and try my best to at least fit a bit of work in so I can check those goals off.  

I love stitching.  Did I mention that?  It is so relaxing for me and I try to fit the stitching in at baseball/softball games and other events where I know I am going to be sitting for a bit where I can multi-task with some stitching.

I added a little sprinkle of quilting on the Web quilt too.  I stitched on top of the background quilting and then free-handed a spider.

Speaking of quilting, I used my favorite filler cowboy feathers.  Did you know that you can watch a fabulous quilting class available on on my fun cowboy feathers?  Just saying, lol.

This is the second time that I made a Pineapple Quilt.  They are so fun!

Summer Fact 5: Pineapple is best in the SUMMER!  You know what I am talking about :)

I hope you enjoyed these new patterns.  They are so fun!  The fabrics are to die for.  Thank you Quilting for existing because you make me so happy.  If you want to make sure I am keeping good on my summer plans check out Mixi Heart on Instagram.  If you happen to make these cute patterns hashtag #MixiHeartSewn because I would love to see!  I wish everyone the very best summer and the very best Quilting Love - Michelle

Adventure Awaits

Be a Pineapple - stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet inside 

She acts like Summer and walks like rain

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