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Today is a wonderful day because it marks the day that perhaps some of the incredibly sweet sewists will be able to experience Little Big Stuff!  I have officially received my books in packages today and that means they are shipping (you can pick up an autographed copy in my Etsy store for a limited time)!  Yay!  In honor of that I would love to share a bundle of pictures I was able to take of all the fun projects in the book and even just a couple extra ones that were made in different fabrics to give you more inspiration!  Yay!  (I can't stop saying that).  

Chapter 1: Garden Goodness - 

(This is such a functional apron that gives ample coverage for any project: cooking, drawing, painting, gardening)

(All of the Projects in the book are made with girls and boys in mind, with complete balance so even the appliqué has that in mind for both girl and boy)

(Such a cute little tote to keep one's favorite things)

(and tied with a bow)

(this fun picnic blanket and tote is such a great essential item to have in the book because it can be used in a million different ways: star gazing, art projects, picnics, rain blanket)

(I quilted the laminated fabric with my long-arm and it was a breeze! Plus it adds such texture and another dimension to the design)

(Don't ya just love the pink and green combo - MUST MAKE TWO OF EVERYTHING... you have been warned :)
Chapter 2: Shop's Open

(Endless possibilities with the Open Shop and the Chalk Cloth makes it so interactive)

(Motorcycle Shop for the Boys)

(Flower Shop for the Girls)

(Tic-Tac-Toe on the roof)

(The Task Apron is such a great accessory for keeping Shop)
Third Chapter: Campout Fun

(Campout Fun! Includes a fun PVC pipe tent that breaks down to store away nicely for the parents)

(Sleeping Bags are my favorite!!  They are so cozy and such a fun personalized project to make for a little one)

(both the sleeping bag and tent use hook and loop fasteners and big ties to make open and shut easy for little hands)

(A little Bindle for a packed dinner and a duffle to keep a weekends worth of clothes completes the collection)

(A simple way to add a zipper)
Chapter 4: Kitchen Cooking

(Who's cooking up some adorable fabric combinations?  These half aprons are quick projects to make with all the accessories to use in the real or play kitchen)

(The half aprons can be made frilly or simple to keep the little one's style in mind)

(the pockets are a great place to embellish with some trims)

(These are wonderful quick gifts for a birthday party invite)

(They also provide a great opportunity to use scraps and embellish with trims)

(The color combinations are endless)

(delicious green and blue)
Chapter 5: Baby Love

(Baby LOVE)

(such a fun way to use knit scraps!)

(A little baby doll can be right close to their loved ones)

(Changing pads and Receiving Blankets)

(This Diaper Bag can be altered to be a handy satchel by adding a flap)

(Lots of pockets to keep all the important things)

(and that simple way to insert a zipper into a project)

Chapter 6: Pet Practice

(Pet Practicing is so much fun!)

(Such a fun collection to sew!)

(Little vented windows and a little pocket to hold a treat)

(A Pet Bed to make lounging comfy)

(The leash is adjustable to fit Pets just right)

(Blue and Pink)

In Conclusion:

To People that might love to sew for kids: So our house is just filled up with all these cute projects and I would love to see what "YOU" make!!  If you by chance love to sew for kids and sew the projects in the book please please share!  Use the hashtag #littlebigstuffsewn on Instagram.  I would love, love to see.  And let me know what you think of the book here!  Thank you so much!

I couldn't be more pleased with how this cute book has turned out and I can't wait to see how others enjoy it.  I loved creating the projects, my kids loved playing with the projects, we loved making more and gifting the projects.  For the LOVE of SEWING!  

Sew for the LOVE of Sewing you don't need a reason

Never Stop doing your BEST just because someone doesn't give you CREDIT

TIME to CREATE said her HEART, it's about time said the SOUL

Sometimes I am TERRIFIED of my own HEART, of it's constant hunger for whatever it is it wants, The way it stops and starts.

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  1. All of those projects are adorable! You should be feeling awesome after all that hard work. Your book looks amazing.