Art's Festival

Arts Festival

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It is that season of Art's Festivals and sweet summer watermelon and fresh strawberries.  I made my annual giveaway quilt.  I love to do a giveaway quilt each year and it sure is coming a fun tradition.  I'm excited to see who the lucky winner is.  I will update this post on Sunday evening with the winner's name.  This fabric inspired the quilting and Strawberry Pie is now the sweet quilt's name.  

****** Kathy Elton was the lucky winner ******

The colors are just perfect with summer!  I love the mint and fresh green mixed together.  

So here is the booth.  I decided to just have the booth on my own for the very first time.  Previously I have enjoyed having a partner and visiting away.  This year though I thought for simplistic sakes to try it sans partner.  It is a bit lonely at times but I am working on a cross-stitch pattern to whittle the time away.  But all in all it has been pretty nice.  The booth is just perfectly filled so it is less overwhelming for the eye to walk in and see just a few items instead of a plethora.  

I should mention though that it is kinda a family affair because Cately does have a little table with her bracelets to sell.  Also, I did give Weston a little spot with his Utah Underground division of his company.  It has signage indicating that he "sponsors" my quilting habit because that surely has been the case over the past few years.  It is amazing to have a supportive husband and I should give him huge credit for being such an amazing partner in life.  So there ya go - He is the best.  

I should mention that the machine upgrade (Statler Stitcher) is going stupendously!!  I just love it.  I am able to work on things while I am quilting for others.  What a treat that is.  I am still learning things though.  I have had some challenges and I have had to unpick a whole row of quilting almost.  Actually I still have half of that row left.  It is just dumb mistakes on my part and I need to blame the computer a bit too because it has some dumb elements here and there.  And you don't find out how dumb it is until you have already quilted one row... then you think, crap.  This is not working.  Anyway, it is a shorter learning curve then learning to quilt on a long arm for the first time so it is all good.  For this giveaway quilt I quilted strawberries.  It goes so cute with the fabrics and I just can't stop looking at the design because it is just so darn cute.  I know that is definitely what I love about long arming is seeing the finished result and admiring the final steps to a complete project.  

Strawberry Fields Forever

Hello Strawberries, Popsicles, Lemonade, fresh Cut Lawns, Swimming, and Starry Skies

Sweet and Juicy Strawberries, Ready for the Picking

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