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My birthday is this month.  Every once in awhile a splurge is in order in relation to a birthday in our house.  It's not something that is planned out because we are at the point now that we don't really care about getting "things".  I'm not really that materialistic.  I guess for me if you have all your necessities that everything additional has to serve a purpose.  I don't even know how this progression has come about?  Well actually I could come up with a few explanations but long story short this is where I am right now.  Things that I might want will serve a purpose and it is a matter of whether it is time to invest in that direction.  Lucky me, this year was mine.  I have wanted a serger for a long time.  I planned to buy one after our Peach Days booth, BUT it wasn't exactly successful.  I know right.  At least I tried.  Thank goodness that little catch phrase exists to help one feel better, lol.  Anyway, I felt like in the many months (about 6?) since our Peach Days booth it was time to just break down and get one.  I've tried to work a little extra lately to justify it as well.  So I bought the addition while up at the our Logan Sewing Retreat I got to go on this last week (thanks to a sweet lady sharing a FEB birthday that planned this awesome retreat).

I decided on a Baby Lock Evolution.  This was the serger I have had my eye on for the last two years.  I was so pleased with the price.  I was able to get a display machine and My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe were fantastic to work with.  They were so nice, which makes me happy when investing my money in a machine.  I would highly recommend them!!  Like a million times over.  

I got back home and the next day started catching up around the housework/workwork and got Elle (that's her name) out and set up in my sewing room.  Weston came in and wanted to see her in action when I fast realized that I didn't even have any serger thread.  Whoops.  So I guess she'll have to wait.  I picked a name because the sweet Barb that gave me a crash course suggested it.  I was explaining the model of the sewing machine I have which is a Laura Ashley.  She thought I would need to give the serger a romanticized name too.  I thought about it when I got home and decided sure why not.  I was pretty excited anyway.  I read this awesome book recently that took me through a little journey learning about Elephants.  I loved the book so much!  I have thought about the book a lot lately.  So the name is Elle short for Elephants.  

You know I am a pretty fragile person.  I learn about myself all the time and of course we all do.  Weston is so sweet and he knows me so well.  We talk a lot about our feelings, life, and pretty much everything.  He suggested that I might need to protect myself a little better.  I think he is right.  Life seems like a challenge to maintain balance and growth.  I feel so good right now and strong and it is all adding up.  Having said that there are still many facets of me that aren't explained in that last statement.  I feel so lucky that I can be creative in my job.  Being creative is a great outlet for perhaps being fragile.  It is funny how buying a serger might be a healing tool for me.  It is a chance to realize how important I am and just gaining that extra strength to protect myself with a little time concentrating to do the trick.  

"A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish"

"Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to Try"

"When things aren't Adding up in your Life, start Subtracting"

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  1. I'm so excited for you to have a serger! I hope you have so much fun playing with it and making things. I hear you on the being fragile. It is good to protect yourself for sure.

  2. February is such a great month for a birthday! And I can't think of anyone who deserves a new machine more than you! You're going to LOVE having a serger! Can't wait to see all the amazing things you create with it!