Mixi Heart with Michelle Jensen

11:07 AM

Ahhhh!!!  I love this clip!!  I got a chance to introduce my Skinny series and a little peak at Heart Snips at Quilt Market and for whatever reason I decided to look for it today because it creeped into my mind and low and behold it was here!!  I am so excited and Brewer did a fabulous job videoing it.  I felt so lucky to be apart of their production.  Sometimes it seems like I am making all of these things for myself and that no one will ever show any interest.  So actually to see them in focus and to see myself sharing my passion about quilting kinda of makes in all worth it!  It really does.

It is crazy how at times it just takes a bit of encouragement to keep trekking on.  It for sure has lit a light for me.  I have a few more in this series to start.  They are sketched out and waiting for fabric choices and piecing and so the whole process begins.

I also want to tell Katie - Thank you for being there with me in such a overwhelming situation.  I sure love her!  Because of course you might notice some unclear thoughts and some slip-ups.  It did turn out decent and a lot of that was due to having her right by my side :)

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  1. That's so cool! Was this on TV somewhere or what? How fun to be able to go through your whole Skinny pattern collection and explain it. That's awesome!