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Pet Practice

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It is knit day #4 but first...  I have finished my Pet Collection pattern and I finally get to release it!!  Finally!  Well, this came about because I have a few doll diaper bag patterns and my little guy really wanted something that suited him a little more and since he actually has a few "pets", I knew this would do the job.

UPDATE:  The pattern Pet Practice will be available in the book entitled "Little Big Stuff".  It will be available August 2015.  This is an amazing compilation of my children pattern designs.  It is definitely a wonderful book to add to your sewing library.  Please pick one up.  Thank you so much!

This pattern as well as the knit short pattern further down are available in my pattern shop (Tab #2) as well as in my Etsy store where instant downloads are available!!  Thank you so much :)

 Well, any mom out there knows that you strive to make each of your children feel special.  And with sewing that is no exception.  Of course my first pattern was a Doll Diaper Bag pattern but overtime I have tried to think of things that would be more tailored to my little guy.  So Alex, actually is more of a pretend player than Cately is.  I guess it is the way his mind works.  He has three stuffed dogs.  When he was little we got him one and he loved it so much.  He would tote it around and couldn't have been more adorable so why not have two or three right.  So we got some more pups and they were a great fit.  So long story short I made a pet pad (available in my free tutorials) and now the whole pet collection.  If he is happy I am happy and I love being his mom to him moving through the past stages and the current stages and I hope I never forget them.  And when he grows up I will still have these for my family and friends to enjoy.

The collection includes a leash that is adjustable as shown in pic with velcoro.

The carrier uses vinyl mesh but can also just include and open window.

Speaking of equal... I also made Alex a knit item as well.  These are knit shorts that are cozy and stylish for a child.  They are pretty easy to sew up.  And again, he is happy... probably not the best model but happy :)

So here is to all the Boys!!!

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  1. That little pet tote is adorable! And I like the shorts too. You are getting an awesome stash of patterns going.