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Day 2 of Knits -

Here is day two of sewing with knits. I have had it in my mind for awhile now to make a Knit Reversible Bag. I am a bag lady in a good way. I love to have all different kinds of bags and one that I have been lacking is an easy knit satchel to take quick things to baseball/softball games for my kids. This will be perfect and would work great for a trip to the movies, etc. This pattern is entitled "Catchy" because well ya know it catches all the goodies. Again, this pattern is available in my pattern shop (tab #2) and in my Etsy store which know by the way has INSTANT DOWNLOADS!!! YES!!!!!

Did I mention that it is reversible?  It is!!  Also it is a turn sewn bag so your seams at top look fabulous!

It offers a pocket inside and out and when reversed the pockets are inside and out still, lol it kinda makes sense.

I liked it so I put a label on it :)  Well I love love love this chevron.  It is so awesome, I like chevron with white but the two-tone steals my heart.

So this is a picture in my backyard with all the fresh blooms of spring.  How adorable is that.  It couldn't be more beautiful right now.  I need a titch of a tan though.  My legs are a winter white :)

So I am going to Quilt Market in Portland next month.  I don't know if I mentioned that.  Just so you know that I am not exactly the most experienced traveler and I only have a room for the first two nights there because they were full.  I wanted to stay close to the convention center and so I am just going to wing it.  Please tell me that it will all work out.  I hope it all works out.  Can a hotel seriously be completely full?  It doesn't ever seem to me that they are completely full because they feel so empty when you are there.  Do the people hide really well or only come out when I am sleeping?  So anyway, I am going to be taking a version of this bag to market with me but it will have some contrasting inside. I just need to get it sewn up.  Okay still in the zone but I am not calling it good yet because I still have some more knit things to finish up so stayed tuned.

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  1. It looks so good! You are amazing. That is crazy that the hotel would be full. Hopefully, it's really not!