Sweet Diaper Bag

11:06 PM

I have school shopping on my mind and I am going to tackle it asap.  School is starting this month!!  That is crazy.  The summer is almost gone.  Normally, I would be savoring it and in a lot of ways I am with the last few activities we have planned, but I am really looking forward to this fall.  I have probably a little more anticipation than savoring.  I also have a few gift cards left over from Christmas that I really want to update my wardrobe a tad bit as well, even though I am not exactly starting school.  Let the shopping commence :)

(I actually decided to wear sweats this day and I figured what the heck I will take pictures in them,
a new mom wears sweats right? umm... well I'm not a new mom for the record actually I am a broke-in mom, but I do wear sweats a lot cause I LOVE them)

So, by the looks of the picture above... I have made a new little pattern.  I have had this in the works for a little bit.  I finally got to finish it.  I am pretty happy with all of the pockets and new details.  It is based on the trendy but has tons of things added to it to make it function for an adult diaper bag or tote bag.

The pattern includes a changing pad and also a bonus knit blanket pattern.  I had a lot of fun making this one and hope to make a few more in some more colors.  Hopefully, others will enjoy it as well.  Again, it is available in my Meylah and Etsy accounts.

Well, this was quite the hassle to get all the files to convert and size down.  I hope that I am getting better at all of it but it just seems like once I figure one problem out another one pops up.  I finally got it finished after a full day of trying things a million different ways.  But oh well.  Here it is and it is a relief to have it posted.

The biggest thing is that I just recently switched from a windows computer to an APPLE.  I really love the apple.  I have to say, it is amazing!!  However... I am having trouble getting my old files to convert to new Word documents and little problems arise when making changes and saving it in a new format??  I have learned my lesson though that I just need to start fresh on the Apple and then stay on the apple.  I can't be switching back and forth.

Sweet Diaper Bag.  Someone needs to have a baby asap.

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  1. I'm just curious...are you ever going to sell actual bags that you make in your Etsy shop? I really love your diaper bag can you tell? haha. Jon would probably think I'm crazy if I bought another one because I bought a really nice one when I had the baby. But I'm just wondering if you're ever gonna.