Chenille Baby Blanket - #2

9:11 PM

THIS WEEK - I made another chenille blanket. I was needing something fun this week to use up some time. Mostly, I am just trying to do things that will take some worry/stress away. It is always good to keep those fun things in there so I don't get too much pent-up-energy.  It works every single time, every single time.  I just wish there were more time I could dedicate to these activities then I would be one cool cat :)

So I just have a quick slide show of the process.  If you are in need of some detail instructions just click on my Chenille Blanket Tutorial here or you can also access it on the side bar.

FOUND TREASURES - I really love this fabric and like all chenille blankets that I have made the flannel came from my long time stash.  This flannel is 8+ years old.  We used it for table runners for decorations at my Baby Shower.  Nothing like up-cycling here :)  I found it mixed in with my sheets awhile back.  I seriously loose things all the time and then find them later and think wow how freaking awesome is this.  Don't ya just love when that happens... ps - my favorite is cash in pockets but that is a rare rare occasion now since the kiddos have arrived and sucked all that money gone.

WHAT MAKES THIS QUILT DIFFERENT - Well I decided to make the chenille in a floral design.  I have seen a few done different ways but I really wanted to try a cool shape.  I didn't know if it would work but logically I thought that it would, of course why wouldn't it.  So I started the same way but I drew a couple flowers to echo quilt.  It turned out to be a lot more fun than the straight-line quilting.  It was almost like following a map.  I then cut and bound it the same and then washed it and it was all finite.

(Layer and Pin)

(Trace design on)

(Echo Quilt around designs)

(Cut and bind)

(All finished!!)


LAST WEEK's OUTCOME and WRAP-UP - The cushions were picked up and I had satisfied customers.  I also sold some more baby blankets so I am officially sold out!!  Glad to get the last two on their way to new homes.  I am super super super excited for the kids to get in school so I can start all my work!  Super EXCITED.  I can't wait to make some more in-depth patterns and projects.!.  I have some quilts that are commissioned and some projects that are commissioned.  Is anyone else excited?  What are you going to do with your extra time if you have some?

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  1. I can't wait until school starts and then I am going to try some of your techniques, Michelle. Love the flower design, but no girls here and doing it just for us so I need to think of a simple "boy" design. I have a couple of projects that I have been waiting to try when I can concentrate a little more. One being the cute apron pattern. Love that as well!