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I am so excited to be working right now!  I have been quilting so many quilts for all my favorite quilters and it is such a joy to see them being transformed.  Before.  After.  I know for sure that I am a before-and-after type person.  One of my favorite things to do is taking pictures of the quilts when they are finished and sending them to the quilters because it is so cool how the quilting brings it all together and makes the piecing designs pop (the AFTER!)!  I have a few of my own quilts that I have snuck in this last month that I just can't wait to share.  I just need to finish a bit more before I can get pictures (they are still in the BEFORE state).  So I can't share pictures of the quilts just yet...  However, I can share a first for me - I get to share quilting on a podcast with Pat Sloan for American Patchwork and Quilting.  This will be Monday, October 12th (however, the podcast is available to listen to anytime on your computer, or you can just subscribe on iTunes, or download to a player):

I love the company that I am keeping these days with all those fun names up there!  I am in love with Betsy's most recent line!!  I was able to snag a bundle this last trip to Quilt Market.  It was Eliza's Indigo.  The yellow was just spot on mixed with all the delicious browns.  It was beyond beautiful!!!  I would love to design fabric one day and bundles like hers just make me drool and feel inadequate at this point.  Her quilt patterns are so classy and they just make me drool too.  Next is Jeni Baker, she is a designer for Art Gallery and has just fabulous pattern designs too.  She has a fresh color palette and I have even caught a glimpse of a new book she is releasing highlighting Half-Square Triangles.  The few quilting patterns I have peeked at were just stunning.  I have her book on my list of books to add to my library.  The last two ladies I had to research a little and it was exciting to see what they have been up to.  I think that the pod cast will be fun to unveil their fun little adventure.  A little tease would be to say that it involves a quilt design that doesn't include batting/thread/or fabric.  Pretty Cool.  

And then there is me.  Quilting is my life and my love and my grace at times.  I just enjoy it so much.  In my life I have wrapped myself up in so many different quilting adventures that it keeps it so fresh/exciting/challenging/fulfilling.  I mentioned above that I have really enjoyed quilting for all these fabulous sweethearted piecers and I am also having a blast pattern designing (aka really sewing for myself, lol).  If I could think of any one thing right now that I would change it would be finding some way to add a secret extra 24 hours to each day to only sew.  Wouldn't that be the best! Also, I really enjoy studying fabric.  I have been doing that for quite some time now.  I think that I should get some kind of college accreditation for all the studying that I have been doing.  There should be tests because I could pass them.  The second best thing to a degree is an Etsy store with all my favorite picks.  So there is just LOVE.  LOVE for the industry and LOVE for the hobby and LOVE for all that I get from the fact that we can work with precious beautiful fabric in a myriad of designs/colors/textiles.  WOW.  Of course I am going to have to tone this LOVE down for the podcast because I don't want to sound too crazy, right?.  Because it is a big part, but I do still have my cute little family and friends that I LOVE even more and I'm just so lucky that they support me in this passion.  I also need an extra secret 24 hours to spend with them doing fun non-quilty-stuff.  How in the world can I get more time?  

If you get a chance to listen come back and tell me what you thought?  Did I sound crazy, lol?  So much quilting and so little TIME.  

The trouble is that you think you have time.

Sometimes following your heart means loosing your mind.

Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but looking back everything is different. 

Take time to do what makes your soul happy.  

Alice: How long is Forever?  Rabbit: Sometimes, just one Second

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  1. That is so awesome about the podcast. I will have to listen!