Spring Quilt Market

Quilt Market

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Last week I got the opportunity to go to quilt market.  Little Big Stuff is coming out in August so this was my chance to work with Martingale in supporting the book.  I went completely alone this time.  It wasn't too bad.  It is always kind of a trick to leave the kids and my husband to fend for themselves while I am gone.  Although, it is getting easier as the kids are getting older and Weston is such a big help.  I took a picture with the kids before I left so I could look at their cute little faces if I needed to.  

This year's Spring Quilt Market was in Minneapolis, MN.  The downtown area where the convention center was located was so pretty.  It rained on and off the whole time I was there.  This for me was beautiful because it gave this really lush feel to the buildings and city greenery.  I walked around for dinners and also to drop some things in the mail where I was able to soak in a little more of the city.  The one thing I enjoyed while traveling was the light rail from the airport to downtown.  The light rail went underground which is where you could board the rail in the airport.  It was this little tunnel that smelled so damp.  Underground it felt so cool on my skin.  I guess I am intrigued with being underground.  It is pretty cool.  

The main agenda for this market trip was speaking in a schoolhouse.  I have attended these many times over the last few years.  I never imagined how nerve racking it is getting up there until I was actually there because I really got into my head.  I was thinking tons of things, all of which were not "I'm awesome".  I did manage to get through the whole thirty minutes without throwing up, so all in all I say success!!  

Pretty soon after the schoolhouse was finished I dropped my extra stuff back at my room and headed down to wait in the sample spree line.  It was a LONG LONG line.  I found a pic of the line on Instagram and I happen to be in the picture.  I am there with my blue jacket on.  I had a pretty good spot.  I was just about twenty feet from the door opening.  I don't mind waiting in the line because I always buy fabric while I am there.  Plus I didn't have anything else to do.  I might as well visit with the other ladies in line.  This time I made a few phone calls.  I was a little home sick.  I probably was home sick the whole time I was gone.  I just missed Weston and the kids.  We have had so much going on and there is nothing better than being with the people I love to death and they love me to death too.  It just feels so safe and I would have loved to have them with me but sometimes with work things I just need to put a happy smile on and be tuff and head out and enjoy what I am doing.  So I really did, even if I was on my own.  I had fun even while I was missing them.  Buying fabric at sample spree did the trick.  The wait is about three hours in line but that can go really fast when you eat a sandwich, make some phone calls, and visit with the women.  Super Fast.  

During Market, I also got the chance to do two book signings.  It was so nice of the quilt shops to come to the signings.  I appreciate them so much!  I was so grateful for being able to be there.  I made cute little favors for them to take home as well as one of my patterns.  They were all so nice to visit with and they were so complimentary about the book.  I hope that will translate to everyone because I would of course be thrilled if people like it too.  

There is just an itty bitty quilt show.  I had extra time one of the days where I was there to take a minute and appreciate the quilts in the show.  The quilt below is one quilt that caught my eye.  I love the picture alone so that is beautiful.  But I really love the quilting and fabrics that were used that takes the picture to a whole different level of amazing.  I would love to make a quilt similar to this one day.  I really need to find a picture that means a lot to me or that is so beautiful that inspires me because it would be very difficult to begin to match the quality of this one.  And of course there would be no way I would attempt this unless I at least tried to make it as amazing.  

And then I got to come home.  Funny thing on the way... I bought my plane ticket about six months ago.  I got to pick out my seat.  I picked out a window seat.  When we boarded the plane my seat was in between the windows so I didn't even get one.  It was such a bummer.  Luckily on my way home I got a window seat so I could take tons of pictures.  I sure love being on top of the clouds.  This on picture was my favorite from the whole lot.  I did have a pretty cool picture of the Great Salt Lake and it is on my Instagram if you want to take a peek.  

I got both of my machines serviced while I was gone.  I picked up one on Monday and the other wasn't ready.  I had to run in on Wednesday to grab the one that was left.  Then I came straight out, loaded a quilt on the frames to quilt this beautiful graduation quilt.  The fabrics were so soft and pretty and the quilting pattern was so cute.  It went so well with the quilt and fabrics.  I just really have developed a love for finishing these quilting projects for others.  I don't get the extra time to quilt for myself as much but in a way I still feel like I am when I am quilting on customer quilts.  I tend to fall in love with the fabrics they picked out and how the quilting design interacts with the quilt.  It sure is nice to pull it off the machine to view the final result.  So I feel lucky to be able to do this job because of the amount of satisfaction I get.  It is a treat for sure!

LAST THING:  I have updated my website's look.  I have tried to simplify what I have going on here.  I ALMOST did away with the blog portion.  Ultimately, I decided the best that I can do for now is to keep the blog and update when I get the opportunity.  I will have things to share from time to time and that would be a shame to not have a place to do just that.  Hopefully I have figured out most of the buttons, which is kind of awesome!!  It took me a bit and I don't know if I still figured all out??

"Creativity is Intelligence having Fun"

"Intelligence is the Ability to Adapt to Change"

"The intuitive mind is a sacred Gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the Gift."

"The woman that follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.  The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before."

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  1. It looks like it was an awesome time. That is so cool that you got to speak and have a book signing. I am so happy for you!