Pie Placemat

Piece of Pie Placemat

3:25 PM

Hello Everyone!!  I am alive and quilting :) 

We are nearing the end of our Sew Need a Break meetings this year and I wanted to make a fun project to say that I am thankful to all of the wonderful girls that are apart of our group and a chance to teach quilting to them.  This is the PERECT size project to practice quilting or for some to try out quilting for the first time.  Also, I hope that it is a project people can not only make for themselves but for gifts as well.  It is after all to me a time for giving Thanks.  So I want to share this pattern with anyone else that would like to do the same to say thank you.!.  I have prepared it in pattern form and it is available at the links below to download for personal use.

The files for this tutorial can be found here (coversheet) and here (pattern).  

I had such a blast coming up with the concept and I could hardly contain myself to wait to see the finish result.  It took a couple of days though because it was amidst all these other things I had to get finish in a time sensitive way.  But I did manage to get two finished!! Finally!! and the pattern written as well.  

So to show you how easy this is : I have a step-by-step shown below.  First simply appliqué pie, then add a little bit of embroidery, quilt, and bind.  Piece of Pie.

And just so you know that in my case this is meant for a semi-homemade pie.  Okay... I don't even know if this even counts as homemade ;)  But it is just delicious so that is what counts in my book.  I don't "love" pie crust but I do love graham crusts.!.

So since it is so so easy to make these kinds of pies you might need to make two Pie Placements just in case.

I cut kits for our group using a couple different fabric choices.  I am excited to see how they all turn out.





I am so thankful for Weston and my kids!!  and my life!!  It feels like we are headed in an upward climb to something wonderful.  So much to be thankful for.  But I am also thankful for the struggles that I have had along the way.  They have hopefully made me a stronger and more humble and more understanding.  

I hope everyone enjoys these little quilts and please share if you do.  Thank you!

See, Piece of Pie.

"Let our Lives be full of both Thanks and Giving"

"It is not Happy People that are Thankful, it is Thankful People that are Happy"

"Bless the food before us, the People beside us, and the Love between us"

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