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11:55 AM

The other day I got the best package in the mail :)  It was this unbelievably cute book Kraft Tex Style published by Stashbooks.  Roxane compiled the projects and she did a fantastic job.  I wasn't expecting the delivery and I was so delighted.  I was able to contribute a project to this book using the Kraft Tex material. 

The book is offered through your local quilt shop and online.  Although, if you would like an autographed copy I have a few available in my Etsy shop.

The project that I included was inspired by Katie, my sweet friend.  The project is a bike bag.  What is  neat about this material is that it stands up to the elements more than a cotton fabric would.  So I thought it would be a perfect bike bag.

Here is the project inside.  It has a small pocket and key fob.  The outside uses some simple embroidery.  It is a small project that you can create in a day and would make a wonderful gift or a special item you can create for yourself.

So I was kinda speechless when I checked the book out.  All the projects look so fun.  Plus I had to pinch myself that I am officially published in a book.  I can't tell you how special that is for me.  This is definitely something that I am going to treasure.  So if you are out and about check this little treasure out.

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  1. That is so fantastic that you are in a book! Way to go! Plus, that bike bag is adorable. I might have to decide to make it sometime!

  2. Holy moly! You are PUBLISHED!!!! The bag is awesome, and I am the luck one that got it! Thanks for making me a amazing bike bag! You are the best friend a girl could ask for, and so talented to boot! Can't wait to get a autographed copy!