Spring Quilt Market

Spring Quilt Market 2014

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As always Quilt Market is a joy to experience.  This time in particular it was quite the adventure.  I can't tell you how many planes I took to get there… because umm yeah.  Anyway, I think that I am a little bit of an flying enthusiast it seems.  I am just so inspired by our beautiful world.  I completely enjoy seeing it from all perspectives but to gaze at it from way up high is amazing.  I took so many pictures from the plane and this is just a sampling of them.  It is so crazy that I can see these beautiful mountains and a couple hours later I am across the country in a complete different landscape, it is unbelievable.

Also, I kinda have a thing for clouds.  I always try to get the window seat.  I look for awhile and then I read/stitch/sleep for awhile.  Then I take pics when I can.  But oh my goodness the clouds.  

The fluffy one below is my most favorite.  It looks like you could just jump right on top of them, sink in, then take a nap.  

So this is what it looks like when I am traveling.  I have my boots on so I don't have to tie shoes and then I have my quilted bag to carryon.  This bag has had some really great adventures to date.  Under no circumstances would I check this bag and it was kinda comical because I had a younger women tell me that she would never check her "name brand" bag and I wasn't too impressed.  I guess I am partial to handmade, lol.  But either way we both felt the same.

Pittsburg was incredibly beautiful.  The bridges, the old construction was so neat.  Again, the hotel, the city, the bridges, the rivers, the parks - All beautiful.

Well how do I fit in to all of this.  I wake up every morning weary-eyed.  Then I get a cozy enough outfit on and venture to the convention center.  This time I was on my own and it was kinda nice.  I got a chance to meet a lot of people and spent a lot of time explaining who I was and why I was there.  The biggest reason why I keep going back each Market is the incredible knowledge I end up taking away.  The industry is such a vast one that requires a lot of education.  These markets allow for a person that wants a future in fabric to figure out where they are going to fit in.


New for this market : I made a new bag with the Hoffman challenge fabric.  I was sewing the handle up the night before I left.  It was so cute and simple and I know that this is really where I like to stay with design.  I am simple.  

The convention center was striking with it's glass ceiling.  While attending the first day of classes it was a real treat to peak in and see all the booths being assembled.  I will exhibit this fall again for the second time and I have a few ideas brewing on how to change up my displays.  

Once the floor opened, this year I made sure to check out all of my items I finished for Riley Blake in their booth, below is Washi Tape pictured which was one of four projects in their market booth.  Then I also enjoy the quilt show and was adding to my bucket list a quilt representing a realistic photograph (below is a awesome quilt that I don't have the info on but thought it was really neat to see the iconic people that were chosen).

I was able to go to quite a few book signings.  To meet the authors and then appreciate their hard work they have invested into their publications is so awesome (Vintage Revival).  I plan on sharing these books and working on such fun projects.  The talent is astonishing.  What a incredible world we are apart of where we can add our talents to others summing up to create a wonderful world of art.  

It also is inspiring to know what the buzz is in the industry.  This year I am very sure it was the new fabric manufacturer Cotton and Steel a division of RJR fabrics.  The fabric is pictured behind me on the bolts of novelty fabrics.  It is always fun to know what is fascinating, new, and why.

I have a few other pictures of market but I wanted to include the one below because I did love this particular booth with it's children focused patterns.  So cute!

When I am not at the convention center I am walking back and forth to my hotel.  I know, not too exciting.  Luckily I shared a couple meals with some awesome people (Hey Hoffman Group and Breakfast Club and Cluck Cluck Sew).  And got a lot of exercise.  There is nothing better than walking in the wrong direction for a long time, then walking back to your original starting point, and then walking in the right direction for a long time, then finally walking back to your hotel.  So much walking.  Best part = walking it with a amazingly nice wonderful person.

So the last day came and I was able to pack up strategically to avoid getting charged for way too much weight.  Then, heading to the airport on the bus to soak up more Pittsburg.  

To get upgraded to First Class!!  Holy Cow!

Then sharing a laugh with a stupendously smart cookie (Ali) and enjoying her book Quilt Lab as my reading material on the plane.  Here is a huge plug for her new book Quilt Lab!!  Amazing, fresh ideas, fresh quilts, fresh taste, fun person, sweet personality, she is so beautiful.  Go. Buy. It.

One more plane. One and a half movies. One more time in first class.  One more smile.  

Then I got back to these cuties one day before this picture below, just in time to hear the little sweetheart sing in her rock band at the school carnival.

I can't wait to get to my next market and learn a whole bunch more.  In the meantime, I am going to get all the amazing work boiling in my mind out and share what I love to do.  Back to wonderful work and the summer (with kids).  

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  1. I loved all your pictures! Those clouds looked breath taking and fluffy! And your kids are so funny and cute love you all;)

  2. N.I.C.E.! Love this picturesque post, you are becoming quite the world traveler. I may even live a bit vicariously through you.

  3. That looks like it was a lot of fun! I love your bag. You make some good ones for sure! I used to be neighbors here in Rexburg with the Cluck Cluck Sew Girl (Allison, right?) That's funny that it's such a small world.

  4. Yep totally jealous and hating you! lol Seriously, amazing experiences Michelle. Soak it up and I too am living vicariously though you. ;)