All Hallow's Eve... Eve

10:08 AM

Before I headed to Texas for Quilt Market I took our annual Halloween Costume Photo Shoot.  This year I did what I thought I would never do... which is make a costume.  It wasn't too tuff so I am not going to complain and my little scarecrow turned out just fine so I guess I will have to say that it was fun and I am not totally opposed to this in the future.  However, my little ones are growing up fast so who knows how much longer we got anyhow.  

So my kids developed little personas of the characters they were dressed as and it totally cracked me up.  This look is without any coaxing or direction...

I think she thought that a scarecrow is a very thoughtful high fashion expression kind of a thing.  

This is what she really looks like :)  She wanted to be a beautiful scarecrow and not a cutsy scarecrow.  So we have a little bit of both here.

Here is the little one from the back.

 Now on the other side of the spectrum is my little Astronaut.  His take was a strong confident I-walk-into-danger-unafraid demeanor.  Astronauts are pretty much that awesome.

Oh Geez, where did I get these kids?  I can't believe their little minds sometimes.  This is what he really looks like.  He is a goofy smiling kind-hearted soul.  But he definitely has both characters inside that little body.

See... a little goofy.
UMMMM... This is after I asked like twenty times who likes Mom more than Dad and he finally caved.  Success!!

I feel so incredibly blessed right now in my life and I am so grateful for what I have.  I hope that we continue smiling no matter what we have to face and stick together.

It's all fun and games...

Until it's not...  I think she almost got a beating, good thing her negotiating skills are top notch.

Just a little pic of the photographer :)

And one more for the road!

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  1. So cute! I love Cately's costume. Way to go for making it. I am so bad about that kind of thing-I can only get the motivation to sew certain things. I started one for Owen but never finished it.

  2. Michelle Cately & Alex are such beautiful children. You did a great job. I personally love the pretty scarecrow! I have been trying to get Tennille to dress Izzy in all kinds of tutu inspired costumes for the last 3 years! Call it girl envy! ;)

  3. Hi Michelle! I was just wondering how far out are you on machine quilting? I have a christmas advent calendar I was hoping to get quilted before december first. You can email me at lizashby30@gmail.com and we can talk. Thanks Michelle

    Liz Ashby