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I have been trying to quilt my double wedding ring but I have taken little breaks to get some inspiration.  Through stitching I have found ways that it is NOT going to work and hopefully figured out how it IS going to work.  While doing this I have tried a couple different ways of quilting that now have to be unpicked.  So frustrating.  I hate unpicking all the long arm stitching because you can really get out of hand and there are OH SO MANY STITCHES.

Speaking of Inspiration - I love seeing snips of inspiration throughout my home just to whisper to me positive thoughts.  I have developed this a little in my wall hanging/table runner series and thought it would be fun to apply the idea to a smaller project... like a pillow or a framed quilt.  I have finished the first three patterns of my new series "Heart Snips" (available in my pattern shop tab #2 and in my Etsy).  They are just little snips of inspiration to display a couple of different ways.  So here they are -

So first way to display is in a pillow - ... and the ombre fabric is incredible!!  It turned out so sweet with these flowers and made the back of the pillow so interesting ;)

Next is in a frame - Yep, this is a pillow all quilted and it fit perfectly in a frame to sit on a table.  I love the idea of framing mini quilts, especially when you can switch them out seasonally.  

And last but not least is in front of glass with magnets - I had this idea when I started making this series and I wasn't sure if magnets would be strong enough to go through glass??? but guess what!  They are! I found these magnets at my local Home Depot and I have had this old window frame from our home when we got a new one.  And.... ta da!!!  The magnets allow for an easy switcheroo too and it looks so cute hanging in my house.  I actually hang it on the wall but the lighting isn't the best in that location, so here it is sitting on my table.

Now let's talk about this first pattern, it has the sweetest flowers in it.  It is snip 05 to represent May (flowers), but it could be displayed all the time.  I just feel like the talent flowers is something I try to keep in mind because I want my talents to grow especially my quilting talents so through hard work and with love great things come to bud.  ps - the fabric I used was Riley Blake's ombre and it really worked wonderfully with these little buds.

The next snip is snip 06 to represent June.  June reminds me of ants because we used to have a little bit of an ant problem here at our house and for a couple of years they would make their way into our home in the month of June.  It was annoying.  But more importantly Life does fly, enough said.

I just want to mention that this series is a great way to use up scraps.  This snip in particular.  These little squares are just 1"so they are a fun way to mix in all your projects to make something new and fun.

This last snip is snip 07 to represent July.  I feel like there is no place like home of course.  I love my home even though it feels crowded right now mostly in my sewing room, but I do.  I think that it is home with my family and it is a place of refuge.  Also, I am proud to live here in the US of A and there is no place like this too.   And who doesn't love the fireworks.  Here in Utah we get two doses because it is our state holiday too.

I backed the pillows with a envelope construction and also in a color that pulls from the front.  I am kinda liking that right now.

Well, I hope you enjoy my new series.  I have the next few month snips in the works.  I can't wait to share them and hopefully my finished double wedding ring.  I hope all are enjoying the sweet summer :)  If I had to pick a favorite....

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  1. Your patterns are all so cute. I love the little framed mini quilt!

  2. Those are so awesome! I love the old window, and frame idea! You are so talented!! We need to get together for dinner sometime, its been awhile!

  3. I love these pillows! Good job on all of them!