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T-Shirt Quilt

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A friend of mine wanted to make a T-shirt quilt for her brother with some of his marathon shirts. I wanted to share some pics of the quilt. I am quite proud of how it turned out. It was great to collaborate on a project especially one that allows you to be super creative in the layout.

Tips - There were all different types of materials so it made it a little tricky. One thing that helped tons was applying "knit ease" to the back of the shirts to help stabilize them.
We also had shirts of varying sizes so we had three main vertical columns that were 16", 18", and 16" in width.  For the shirts that were smaller, they were pieced with scraps to achieve that same width.  This technique helps take out some of the guess work when knowing what to do with odd sizes of shirts.  The finished size was a large lap/twin quilt.

The design beyond the inner piecing includes a scrappy stop border.  I think it is a great frame for the quilt and eases nicely to the chevron border.  I think that the chevrons are a great simple finish especially to a more masculine quilt.  They are a little tricky to piece though.  It took a little ironing and unpicking but was a little less frustrating when fixing mistakes together with a partner.  The materials used were Riley Blake's Super Stars fat quarter bundle and tone on tone gray Chevron fabric for borders and backing.

Finally the quilting.  We did a wonderful pantograph that really was perfect for this quilt.  The quilting lines really made the quilt blocks melt into each other, which is exactly how I hoped it would turn out.  We switched off quilting different parts.  My friend was a first timer for all aspects of quilting and she did fantastic on every part.

(Marathon T-shirt Quilt)

(Tone on Tone Chevron backing)


(Inner Pieced Quilt)

(Long-Arm Quilting!!)
All in all this quilt was very enjoyable.  I was very impressed to see how using the different materials worked together.  Hope you enjoyed seeing them.  I actually am looking forward to my next t-shirt quilt believe it or not and they use to not be my favorites :)

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  1. Wow! That looks amazing. That's a really good idea too. I love it!